Replacement Electrodes for TENS Units

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The advancements made in TENS Unit technology over the last few years have resulted in these pain-treatment devices being made more readily available for home use than ever before. There are a number of high-quality TENS devices for sale these days, and many of them have received praise for their ability to relieve even the most chronic and disabling types of pain. Still, owning your own TENS unit does necessitate the occasional purchase of essential accessories like replacement electrodes. This review will take a look at four of the available replacement electrode options, as well as the experiences of those consumers who have tried them.

Low Back Strip Electrode (1 per pack)

This replacement electrode is sold on an individual basis and measures one and one-half inches by fourteen inches. Its design is oriented toward use for the lower back. It has connections for two leads which enables it to draw more than enough power to treat most pain in this area. Its adhesive is designed to remain effective for as many as thirty uses, though many users claim that they have received even more usage from one pad. Here are some of the other claims that consumers have made:

  • The pads offer even distribution for current application.
  • They are made of durable material that seems to wear exceedingly well.
  • The extra length of the pad enables it to cover a broader area with an evenly distributed current.

The only drawback cited by consumers has been that some pads evidently showed up with defects in the wiring connectors. However, these same consumers also reported that the company quickly responded with working replacements.

4 x 6 Inches TENS Unit Butterfly Electrode – White Foam Topping – 1 Per Pack

Like the aforementioned product, this replacement pad is sold on a per pad basis. It is also another over-sized electrode replacement pad, which makes it useful for covering larger areas than the ordinary TENS pads can manage. In this case, current can be distributed across an area measuring four by six inches. The product comes with a three year warranty, which includes a total satisfaction guarantee. Consumers who have purchased the product have used it for pain in the shoulders, arms, and legs. Positive reviews of the product have been common, with users reporting the following benefits:

  • The adhesive gel can be revived even after losing its stickiness. Simply apply water or alcohol, and the adhesive qualities are renewed.
  • Larger patients appreciate the increased size, since they can get the same results they would receive from using multiple, smaller pads.
  • Many users report that they have been able to cut back on their pain medication usage as a result of this TENS pad.

On the negative side, the pads apparently do not adhere well to the back and tend to slip when used in that region. Users who plan to use these pads for that purpose may want to think about using medical tape to help the pads stay in place.

20 Electrodes 2″ X 2″ Square Re-Usable Electrodes – Multistick Gel – Non-Irritating to Skin

This product comes in a group of 20 and is designed for use in not only the TENS unit, but the interferential units and muscle stimulators as well. The packaging claims that the pads can be used multiple times, and most users tend to agree. Consumers are evidently using these pads for everything from the standard TENS units to massage machines, so they appear to be as flexible as their seemingly generic name makes them sound.

  • Users cite how effective these pads are at properly conducting the TENS current.
  • The small size is apparently preferred by many consumers, as they can more easily control the areas of the body to which they want to apply the current.

As one might expect, some people have had problems with this product as well. These difficulties seem to stem from design issues, particularly loose wires and weak adhesive connections. Again, these are not common to most users’ experiences, so they should probably be viewed as an aberration.

2 in. x 2 in. Square Tan Tricot Premium (Ag) Silver Electrodes, 4 Packs of 4 (16 Total Pads)

The last of our four replacement pad selections is this one from LGMedSupply. The company’s offering claims that it uses the most irritation-free gel available and that each pad can be used as many as thirty times. Designed for use with all of their electrical current therapy devices, this premium product is sold in sets of sixteen. The consumers who have reported on its quality have found quite a few positive things to say about the product.

  • Many users have cited the size as a real benefit. They are only slightly larger than the size of many of the pads that come with electrical treatment devices. This enables consumers to maintain a consistent comfort level with their treatment mode.
  • Some users have even claimed that these replacements outdo the original pads that came with their devices.
  • Others cite the general quality of the adhesive used and enjoy the fact that the pads can be reused so often.

The positive reviews are not universal, however, as some consumers find these to be of inferior quality. These consumers cite weak adhesion and loose connectors as their primary complaints. Some have even claimed that the wires pulled loose from the pad on the first use.

Choosing from the best

Obviously, there are both positives and negatives to every replacement pad product. However, in each of these four instances, reviews of the products in question tend to lean toward the positive. Where there have been problems, those difficulties have seemed to be the result of defects on a limited scale. By and large, the experiences of most people who have used and reviewed these various pads have been that they are all of a superior quality and perform their allotted function well. All are recommended for use by those who are looking for replacement pads for their therapeutic devices.


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