LGMedSupply LG-DLX Digital Deluxe Tens Unit With 12 Treatment Modes

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As anyone who has spent any amount of time searching the internet for effective management techniques understands, there are a great many electrical therapy devices available on the market today. Once the sole province of professional therapist in pain clinics, these products have now been made smaller, more affordable, and more available to consumers who want to use them for home pain relief. One example of these new products is the LGMedSupply LG-DLX Digital Deluxe Tens Unit with 12 Treatment Modes.

Why use a TENS anyway?

Even many chronic pain sufferers find themselves asking this one simple question, especially when they have spent years taking prescribed medications. Some people still don’t understand the clear benefits associated with electrical current therapy and how it can often achieve the same levels of pain suppression often associated with the most potent of medicines, but without the attendant side effects. The fact is that these devices are useful for a variety of different pain types:

  • Acute pain from disease and disability
  • Minor aches and pains from work stress
  • Pain and discomfort stemming from an injury
  • Almost every other type of pain imaginable

The search for pain relief

Mankind has searched for effective relief from pain throughout its lengthy history. From the earliest uses of herbal remedies to modern pharmaceutical solutions, that quest has led tribal doctors, scientists, and medical practitioners across the ages to try nearly every option available. The use of electrical stimulation as an effective means for blocking pain receptors has a history that extends back hundreds of years. It now offers one of the most beneficial avenues for pain therapy, and does so without altering the patient’s ability to remain focused and side effect free.

How this unit differs from others

The LGMedSupply LG-DLX Digital Deluxe Tens Unit with 12 Treatment Modes is similar to many of the electrical TENS units used by professional therapists, but has been designed to be more affordable for home use. It contains many features that are designed to enable it to be easily mastered by every patient who chooses to use it.

  • Settings are easy to manipulate to achieve the desired level of treatment.
  • There are nine preset modalities, many of which are tailored to the most common types of pain.
  • Pulse control comes in twelve modes.
  • The built-in timer helps to ensure that there is consistency in the therapy from day to day.

A look at the package contents

Of course, it is important to understand just what you are getting in the LGMedSupply LG-DLX Digital Deluxe Tens Unit with 12 Treatment Modes package. Every box contains the described TENS unit, as well as, a set of batteries and the required electrodes. In addition, the package includes a suitable case for storing the unit when it is not in use. Other than replacement electrodes and batteries, users will never need to make another purchase for this system.

As described by others

Though it would be easy to simply describe the best features as promised by the manufacturer, those claims are pretty much meaningless unless backed up by real life experience. In this respect, the device is easy to evaluate. There are many first-hand accounts available from those who have personally utilized this product for their pain relief and these comments are primarily positive in nature. For instance:

  • One user reports on his experience with using the machine to relieve the pain from a pinched nerve and disc hernia. In this particular case, the user’s pain level dropped from an eight all the way down to somewhere around a two or a three. As anyone who suffers from chronic pain realizes, that decrease is dramatic indeed!
  • A number of users report that after using the LGMedSupply LG-DLX Digital Deluxe Tens Unit with 12 Treatment Modes they were able to avoid the need for regular trips to the chiropractor. Obviously, they were thrilled at not only the relief they encountered from their chronic pain, but by the savings they enjoyed by being able to avoid chiropractor bills.
  • Still others comment frequently upon the amazing amount of current that this little unit is able to generate. Most compare it to their experience with clinical models at a physical therapy center.

Things they didn’t like

These glowing reports are slightly offset by some of the concerns that users have expressed. While this is to be expected with any product of this nature, it is still important that those who consider purchasing this device understand the potential complications.

  • Some users have reported that there can be some uncomfortable shocks when electrodes are not properly placed on the body. They generally advise other users to simply exercise caution and ensure that every electrode is secure before turning on the machine.
  • Others have complained that the knob design for the controls could use improvement, as the knobs can sometimes become loose.
  • Many consumers have also noted that the cords used for the electrodes should have been longer when the unit was designed. Obviously, the shorter cords can make placement of the pads somewhat difficult in some cases.

A note about ordering

It should also be noted that there were several consumers who were not happy with the communications between themselves and the manufacturer during the ordering process. This, however, appears to primarily be a problem with the companies that actually managed the transaction, as none of these people appear to have ordered directly from LGMedSupply. By all other accounts, the company’s customers seem to have been well served by its personnel, so these reports seem to be the exception rather than the rule.

The final word

Since no review of a product is complete without a final analysis and recommendation, the time has come to render our ultimate judgment on the LGMedSupply LG-DLX Digital Deluxe Tens Unit with 12 Treatment Modes offering. Given the preponderance of evidence that seems to support this product’s use for effective pain management, there is every reason to believe that any pain sufferer who is looking for a way to reduce his pain would be well-served by giving this TENS unit a try.


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