LGMedSupply LG-8TMP 8 Electrode Tens Unit and Muscle Stimulator Combination Unit

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Pain can be one of the most debilitating conditions in life, and can prevent many people from enjoying even the most basic activities. And while pain medications can provide some measure of relief, they usually entail the types of side effects that most people would prefer to avoid. After all, who wants to spend their days in a semi-comatose or sluggish state simply to avoid chronic discomfort? Thankfully, products like the LGMedSupply LG-8TMP 8 Electrode Tens Unit and Muscle Stimulator Combination Unit now offer a better option for those who suffer from the worst kinds of pain.

How a TENS device can help

For anyone who has never experienced firsthand the many benefits that can be obtained from using a TENS unit, the idea that a simple little device could provide this much relief must come as quite a shock. The fact is that the use of electrical current to counteract the pain signals that flow from various regions of the body to the pain centers of the brain has been an accepted practice for hundreds of years.

Through the direct application of regulated current, the body’s ability to send these pain messages is shut down for a time. That means that the nerve centers that report pain to the brain are essentially closed for business while the current is flowing. Most medications work in a similar way, but use chemicals to achieve the result. These devices accomplish this goal by leaving users feeling relaxed rather than groggy or ill.

A look at the types of people who can benefit

Best of all, there are few types of pain that cannot be managed through the use of the LGMedSupply LG-8TMP 8 Electrode Tens Unit and Muscle Stimulator Combination Unit. In fact, the device claims to be able to relieve pain caused by a number of chronic conditions including:

  • Various nerve injuries and muscle pain
  • Chronic or occasional back pain
  • Pain from cancer and other diseases
  • Headaches
  • Menstrual and labor pain

Others who can benefit from the stimulator’s features

In addition to those who can receive direct benefits from the TENS unit’s pain relief features, many people can also receive additional benefits from the muscle stimulator. Since these stimulators are often used to maintain muscle memory and tone, they are useful in any of the following cases:

  • Muscle spasms caused by nerves or injuries
  • Loss of muscle tone after an illness or injury
  • Weakened or atrophied muscles
  • Overall strengthening of muscles and joints

The many features of the unit

When examining the LGMedSupply LG-8TMP 8 Electrode Tens Unit and Muscle Stimulator Combination Unit, one thing quickly becomes clear: this unit has a lot of different features. In addition to the various types of assistance that it can provide to its users, it has some basic design features that make it both durable and easy to use. Here are just a few of the most obvious and worthwhile of these features.

  • The unit receives power from four AA batteries when on the go and the AC adapter when at home.
  • It has eight electrodes which makes it easy to use on a number of afflicted areas at once.
  • It contains plenty of power to ensure that any user can receive the amount of current needed.
  • Knobs are a thing of the past, as the controls rely on digital buttons.


Comparing it to the clinical versions

One thing that many users wonder about when considering a product like this is just how closely it resembles those devices that are commonly used by physical therapists within a clinical setting. Anyone who has ever talked to a therapist about those machines already understands that they are often quite expensive. That alone might make some doubt the potential effectiveness of a lower-priced device such as the LGMedSupply LG-8TMP 8 Electrode Tens Unit and Muscle Stimulator Combination Unit.

The truth of the matter is that most people who have used both clinical units and these devices find their effects to be virtually indistinguishable from one another. For anyone who has enjoyed the benefits of therapeutic electrical treatment as provided by a professional, the news that those same benefits can now be enjoyed from the comfort of one’s own home opens up an exciting world of pain-free possibilities.

Looking at the experiences of others

Obviously, though, you want something more than the claims of the manufacturer before you are likely to buy or try any new product. There is good news in this respect as well, as many current users have happily reported their own experiences with this device. With a few notable exceptions, these experiences seem to have all been of a positive nature. The most positive benefits are listed below.

  • Users enjoy the fact that the battery life seems to be longer than that experienced with similar devices.
  • Flexible controls enable the user to determine the strength of the pulse, its frequency, and even the duration.
  • The power of the current remains consistent whether in battery or AC mode.
  • There is a master kill switch that enables users to shut down the system in the event that one area of the body begins to become overly heated.

A few negative impressions

In addition, there are a few negative aspects of the device that have been noted as well, though none of these problems seem to dissuade users from continuing to praise the machines’ overall effectiveness.

  • When using the master kill control, device settings are reset.
  • It is one of the larger, and thus bulkier, units on the market.
  • The button controls require a little study before they can be fully understood.

The final analysis

At the end of the day, however, it becomes clear that the overall impression left by the LGMedSupply LG-8TMP 8 Electrode Tens Unit and Muscle Stimulator Combination Unit is a positive one. With more than enough power to soothe even the most severe aches and pains, this device seems poised to establish itself as one of the most effective alternatives to heavy medications that the pain management industry has ever developed. Chronic pain users would be wise to give this product a try for their own pain management needs.


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