LGMedSupply LG-8TM TENS Unit and Muscle Stimulator Combination Unit

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The LGMedSupply LG-8TM TENS Unit and Muscle Stimulator Combination Unit is a product that is starting to receive more attention from pain sufferers looking for relief from chronic discomfort and distress. With the high price of pain medications and the fact that more and more people are looking for safe alternatives to pills, which often cause annoying and even harmful side effects, it is no wonder that so many people are giving these types of alternative treatments a second look.

The common theme among pain sufferers

To be perfectly blunt, people who suffer from chronic pain simply want it to end. After years of being forced to use one pain medication after another, often with disappointing results, many are searching for a way to manage their pain without subjecting their bodies to any more chemical abuse. Suffice it say that many people are at their wit’s end and desperate for almost any reasonable alternative.

Where are people first introduced to TENS units?

For many who suffer from pain, the first encounter with TENS technology is within the carefully monitored confines of the physical therapy clinic. Units like these are a common sight within these therapeutic environments. Many people are literally amazed that the simple application of electricity to the affected areas of their bodies can bring such instantaneous relief.

The insurance dilemma is a real one

Unfortunately, the devices used in these clinics are not always covered under standard insurance policies. Given the cost of the machines, that should not really come as a surprise. Sadly, many patients simply give up on the idea of receiving this type of therapy at home when they discover that they have to pay the full cost without the assistance of their insurance company. The arrival on the market of these affordable products should change all that.

First impressions before buying

Admittedly, some people are somewhat skeptical when they see the price. After all, it is considerably less than what most people are presented with at a clinic. That, of course, makes some people question whether this product from LGMedSupply could actually measure up to the professional devices used in the health care industry. For those who take the plunge and order the product anyway, it soon becomes obvious that there was never any reason to worry.

A few of the best features

From the moment it arrives, many users find this product to be a refreshing change from complex therapy devices. As anyone who has ever seen these units in use within a clinical environment knows, they can be made to look far more complex than they are actually are. For most users, the benefits of these units quickly become apparent.

  • The LGMedSupply LG-8TM TENS Unit and Muscle Stimulator Combination Unit contains multiple settings and a variety of modes to enable a customized therapeutic approach to any individual’s pain treatment needs.
  • The four channel capability enables multiple treatment modes to be used in different parts of the body at once.
  • The unit includes both an AC adapter and battery capability, which makes it perfect for use both within the home and while on the go.
  • Its sturdy design can survive constant use, careless drops, and other types of wear and tear.

Safety features are evident as well

Beyond its obvious benefits, the unit also comes with a number of important safety features that will help any user avoid accidental injuries and misuse. These include well-protected wires that contain the electrical current, as well as, caps that cover the various controls. All in all, these units seem to be every bit as safe as those that are used in professional environments.

Powerful things come in small packages

The unit is much more powerful than many people might anticipate. There are multiple instances in which consumers report the need to actually turn the machine down to a lower setting for comfort reasons. This is welcome news to patients who assume that any product of this nature would be less powerful than the professional clinical versions.

What others have said

Of course, no review would be complete without some actual user feedback. Fortunately, this particular product has been popular enough to warrant a great deal of feedback. Users have had varying degrees of success in their pain management efforts, but all seem to share a number of important beliefs with respect to the quality and overall effectiveness of the LGMedSupply LG-8TM TENS Unit and Muscle Stimulator Combination Unit.

Here are just a few of the most agreed-upon benefits

  • Replacement pads are extremely inexpensive.
  • It attaches easily to a belt when walking or moving around.
  • The pain settings are diverse enough to provide several choices in the type of treatment used.

Some negative feedback as well

Consumers have also found a number of things that they believe could be done better, though few have cited these negatives as a reason to not use the machine. The first and most problematic of these drawbacks is in the instruction manual that is included with the TENS. Many users have found this manual to be less than helpful in getting started with their treatment plans. Other drawbacks include the following issues:

  • Some have doubted the effectiveness of the muscle stimulator in preventing atrophy and loss of muscle strength.
  • It is a little heavier than other units with similar capability, as a result of its focus on durability.
  • The battery power is not what some people expect.

Summarizing what we know

With all of that in mind, the bottom line on the LGMedSupply LG-8TM TENS Unit and Muscle Stimulator Combination Unit seems to be that the product is well worth the price and lives up to its promise of pain control without chemical intervention. Since it is so easy to find on Amazon and comes at a price that many patients can at least afford to try, this TENS unit is an obvious first choice for anyone who wants to experience the benefits of clinical electrical therapy in a home environment.


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