LG-QUADCOMBO TENS, Muscle Stimulator, Interferential Unit, and Microcurrent Unit in One

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imageThere are so many different kinds of pain that finding the right treatment method can sometimes seem almost impossible. Pain medications often don’t work as well as the patient might have hoped, and most of the devices on the market that claim to manage different kinds of pain often fail to live up to expectations. Finding the right device or devices can be especially difficult for those patients who require multiple treatment types to meet their pain management needs. The LG-QUADCOMBO TENS, Muscle Stimulator, Interferential Unit, and Microcurrent Unit in One is one of the few products on the market today that offers the flexible therapy that many patients require.

What it claims to do

This product offers four modes of treatment that cover the broad gamut of pain types that most individuals experience. When many people think of pain treatment, their attention often focus on suppression of the actual discomfort. Physicians and other pain experts understand that there is often much more to pain therapy than removing the pain. Muscles need to be strengthened, mobility must be improved, and there are often lingering injuries that need to be healed.

A multi-purpose treatment device

Because the LG-QUADCOMBO TENS, Muscle Stimulator, Interferential Unit, and Microcurrent Unit in One is actually four devices in one composite machine, it is one of the few products available today that can even begin to promise to meet all of these needs. Each mode addresses different types of pain issues within the body:

  • The TENS unit offers broad relief from most pain types, by sending various levels of electrical current into the body. In most cases, this unit can provide general relief for most pain types, including minor aches and pains from work and play, lingering pain from an injury, and specific nerve damage. As the current blocks the transmission of the pain signals to the brain, pain is reduced or eliminated altogether.
  • The Muscle Stimulator uses a variety of electrical pulses and frequencies to preserve muscle strength and mobility, while preventing the muscle atrophy that often occurs when people in pain avoid using damaged limbs or simply fail to remain active. This stimulation has proven effective for people who are recuperating from injuries, as well as those who have otherwise debilitating chronic pain.
  • Deep current is used by the Interferential unit to treat highly localized pain. In situations where pain has not spread over a broad region of the body, this treatment is often more effective in providing the therapy that is needed to reduce spot pain levels.
  • With the Microcurrent unit, a mild application of current is utilized to promote and enhance healing in diseased and injured areas of the body. This is often one of the most neglected areas of pain management, but one that deserves the attention that it receives from this product. Rapid healing is an essential aspect of proper pain treatment, since the sooner many wounds and injuries heal, the sooner the pain can be overcome.

The LG-QUADCOMBO TENS, Muscle Stimulator, Interferential Unit, and Microcurrent Unit in One package arrives with everything that every user needs to begin using the device for pain management. In addition to the palm-sized device, the package also includes the following:

  • An AC Adapter for easy use at home
  • A rechargeable battery to power the unit during exercise or while driving image
  • Lead wires that are almost four feet in length
  • A belt clip and timer
  • Extra pads

In addition, the device also comes with a five-year warranty and a battery recharger. This is truly a complete package, and one that can begin to work to reduce your pain the moment you remove it from the package and set it up.

Who can benefit from this device?

Many people might look at a multi-purpose device like this and wonder why they would need to have all of these features. For someone who has spent years relying on pain pills for simple pain relief, the TENS unit is probably an attractive option. Still, many might question the other benefits offered by this unit. Well, the fact is that almost anyone who routinely suffers from acute pain can enjoy the many healing and pain relieving properties of the LG-QUADCOMBO TENS, Muscle Stimulator, Interferential Unit, and Microcurrent Unit in One.

What have others said about this device?

Most people who have utilized this product have found it to be everything that it claims to be and more. Here are just a few of the results that users have experienced when utilizing the many features that are offered by the unit.

  • One user with a disc hernia and leg pain reported that the interferential treatment was just what he needed to overcome his pain. In fact, he reported that the effects lasted for some time even after the treatment was done. This enabled him to resume normal sleeping patterns and enjoy increased mobility.
  • Reports from athletes who have used the Microcurrent unit to treat sports-related strains and sprains have been positive as well, with many enjoying far more rapid recovery times than they experienced with other treatment modalities.
  • Other patients have praised the muscle stimulator for enabling them to recover movement that they had previously lost due to inactivity.

Are there any drawbacks to the device?

Very few users appear to have been disappointed with their results. Where problems have been reported, they have generally involved the duration of the battery life and the learning curve some users might face in familiarizing themselves with all of the many settings.

The overall impression is a good one

Those minor drawbacks have apparently done nothing to dampen the overall satisfaction that most users have received from using this product. In almost every case, those who have used one or more of the four features offered by the LG-QUADCOMBO TENS, Muscle Stimulator, Interferential Unit, and Microcurrent Unit in One have experienced the type of pain relief and healing that they were anticipating. There is every reason to believe that others who suffer from chronic and acute pain of any kind will see the same positive results.


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