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imageIf push-ups are a part of your workout, and they should be, then you know how uncomfortable they can be. Aside from the discomfort involved actually doing push-ups, your hands can slip. When that happens, your form is compromised and you can end up with a strain or injury. Push-ups can also be tough on your wrists, causing pain and ineffective workouts. The P90X PowerStands Push-Up Stands will help you keep proper form while eliminating slipping and minimizing stress on your wrists.

Proper Form

If everything you learned about push-ups was from your middle school physical education teacher, you might be doing them wrong. Now, maybe your teacher was exceptionally focused on having every student doing the perfect push-up, but just in case, here are a few pointers for basic no-frills push-ups.

  • lie face down on the floor
  • place hands at shoulder level on the floor, slightly wider than shoulder-width apart
  • feet should also be shoulder width apart with toes down
  • body should be in perfect alignment throughout – a straight line from neck to heels – do not arch your back or bend
  • angle head slightly and focus on a point forward to avoid neck strain
  • at the top of the push up, do not lock elbows
  • at the bottom, strive to have elbows at least at 90 degree angles
  • pause slightly between push-ups

Why Do Push-Ups?

Push-ups have been around for a long time and there’s one reason: they work. Chest, hands, forearms, biceps, triceps, shoulders, back, abs, glutes, hamstrings, calves, and quad muscles all get worked during push-ups. That’s like a full body workout in one exercise. Push-ups build muscle and improve your metabolism as you build endurance. Push-ups, done properly, strengthen your core, an important element in toning your body. And in addition to all of these physical benefits, imagine the confidence you’ll have when you can do them!image

Push-Up Stands

Push-ups have been around for a long time, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t improved upon. If you’ve ever done push-ups, you know that they can be uncomfortable on the hands and wrists as well as kind of tedious. Luckily, Tony Horton, celebrity fitness trainer, created the P90X PowerStands Push-Up Stands. These stands not only alleviate wrist and hand pain, they take push-ups to a whole new level. The design is completely ergonomic and heavy duty. The bases are nonskid, wide, and stable for safety. Foam grips keep hands comfortable and the angle of the grips lessons strain on wrists.

Pump Up Your Push-Ups

With the P90X PowerStands Push-Up Stands, Tony Horton has created some great alternatives to standard push-ups. The unique design of the stands allows users to move them to different positions for military push-ups, fly push-ups, lever push-ups, and more. The P90X PowerStands Push-Up Stands are a key piece of the P90X system of workouts and are incorporated into several of them – including aerobic and strength training.

imageTony Horton

You might be wondering why you should trust Tony Horton. Maybe you’ve heard of him and maybe you haven’t. Horton’s father was a good athlete and excelled at sports. Tony was athletic, but didn’t have a great physique like he does today. When he was attending the University of Rhode Island, he became more interested in fitness and getting in shape with a goal of becoming an actor. Once in Los Angeles, he didn’t land any acting roles, but people did start to notice how toned he was. He began training co-workers in various settings and even studio executives. Tony Horton had found his passion: fitness. And now he shares it with everyone through his carefully designed equipment and programs.


Of course, the best way (other than trying it yourself) to evaluate the P90X PowerStands Push-Up Stands product is to hear what others are saying about it. They have an average 5 out of 5 star rating. These are direct quotes from customers who have purchased and used this product:

“These are simply the best bars I've used.”

“These are the best you're going to get. If you just need to do basic push-ups then the other, cheaper bars will be just fine. If you're looking to get advanced, throw a bunch of different angles and widths in there and need something sturdy, these are the ones for you. Sure they're a little more expensive. But short of running over them in a tank I can't see ever having to buy another pair again. . .ever.”

“I was shocked at the quality of this product….EXCELLENT! The photos absolutely don't do this product justice.”

“These are hands down the best push-up stands I have tried. I have tried the Perfect push-up stands and countless other no name brands, did not like them. None are as comfortable as these.”

“The stands are extremely well made (made from metal and the welds are look well done so I dont expect them to break) and I'm able to do a variety of push-ups (wide, regular, decline, military) and these do not slide or roll over.”

I was skeptical of the angled handles but they really do work well at relieving any wrist strain which allows you to get in more reps.”image


No product is perfect, so of course, some reviewers had some negative things to say. The predominant complaint was about the cost. This product does cost more than some of the other push-up stands available. There IS a reason for this. The P90X PowerStands Push-Up Stands are made of metal and are welded together. The base is oversized for stability. They weigh over 8 pounds. These are push-up stands that you buy once and they last forever. They may be have a higher initial investment, but consider having to replace ones that wear out, bend, or break.


The P90X PowerStands Push-Up Stands is available from Amazon.com. Luckily, (they really DO weigh over 8 pounds!) they qualify for free super saver shipping.


The Bottom Line

You get what you pay for. Invest in P90X PowerStands Push-Up Stands and you will have the best quality equipment that will not only give you a great workout, it will decrease strain on your body.

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