Total Gym XLS Review

imageWellness is definitely today’s talk of the town which is typical of every year at this time…most times really. Like everyone else, I’m on the lose-weight-and-get-fit bandwagon which is why I’ve been researching different weight loss and workout products.

The Total Gym XLS is one that I was curious about mostly because I think a home gym is a good way to go when you’ve got a hectic life and don’t want to commit the extra time it takes to actually get to and from a gym, or the money involved in memberships. This machine is supposed to be able to sculpt every muscle group with just the glide of a board and some attachments, which to me, sounds perfect. Now check out what I found on this gym if you’re contemplating buying one.

How It Works

In case you’re wondering how this thing works, it allows you to lift against gravity a certain part of your body on order to create a resistance that is smooth and fluid. Eventually, your resistance increases as your conditioning and strength improves.

It does not only tone the body’s upper part but the lower portion as well so you really do get a total body workout. Even the cardiovascular system and the abs benefit from thing! In effect, body fat is reduced because the strength training is responsible in turning up your body’s thermostat. (More muscle = a faster metabolism)

Over the years, Total Gym XLS has undergone a lot of innovations and changes in order to meet the demand of today’s generation. This newly released model comes with a new cable and pulley system. Even the squat stand has been improved on and extra padding has been added for extra comfort and protection.

Helpful Adds Ons

Whenever you buy this machine, the unit comes with a Pilates kit which is helpful for achieving balance and motion. Other accessories include, hamstrings, wing attachment and flexible nylon strap handles among others. These attachments allow you to mix things up so you can enjoy a pretty varied workout.

Total Gym Review

One of the many perks that you get in buying the Total Gym XLS is a guide on how to perform an effective 6-8 Minute Workout. Yes, you read that right! Additionally, it has an entire collection of 12 work-along workouts for men and women pressed for time designed for men and women who lack the time to exercise. Another great freebie that you’ll get is the Smart Training workout. It’s a kind of workout wherein slow and precise movements are used in order to target particular muscle groups. There is also a manual for Pilates as well as a copy of Dan Isaacson’s nutritional program and meal plan. The good thing about which is that you’re getting a complete plan, since exercise alone isn’t always enough to achieve big results.

Humble Beginnings

Total Gym has been around for many years now. It made its first appearance in rehabilitation centers wherein they were used to help people recover from certain obstacles and physical injuries. What makes this device an excellent choice among doctors and therapists are its gliding motion which is smooth and easy especially on the patient’s joints. Since it can be adjusted according to the user’s desired height, each person’s fitness level can be accommodated. You’re also assured that your back is properly protected because of its glide padding. At the moment, some celebrities such as action star Chuck Norris and model Christie Brinkley are also into this equipment.image

A World of Benefits

Total Gym XLS is so handy that you can bring them anywhere. You can have it with you while on a trip to your mom’s place for the holidays. Thus, you’ll never miss having your morning routine. It can be easily folded and stored anywhere. Since it’s not bulky, it only requires a very small space. Besides it comes with a safety mechanism that will keep the equipment from collapsing when folded and not in use.

The equipment is for anybody who is conscious of their heath. It’s intended for those who cannot find the time to go to gym classes or perform a workout routine. Even teens can make good use of it. After all, this top of the line home device is designed to be used easily. In fact, you need not install or dismantle it anymore as they can be folded for ease and comfort. In spite of that, it’s able to accommodate somebody whose weight will not exceed 400 pounds.


You get a lifetime warranty on the frame and a 6 month warranty on the parts. As well, Total Gym offers a 30-Day Trial. Note that this may only be offered to those who order directly from the manufacturers store though.

What People Are Saying

The people who are hooked on Total Gym XLS only have great things to say about the quality and results you get with it. I went over the reviews I could find on Amazon as well as some other sites will share a few of the ones that stood out:

“Easy to use right out of the box. It is heavy, but definitely manageable. There is a start up DVD that shows you exactly how to set it up right out of the box. You will be working out with in less than 30 minutes, perhaps less if you don't worry about putting away the packing material and accessories.”

“Delighted — with product and service. It arrived faster than advertised – price was right, machine works”

“I love the option of working out anytime 24/7. I usually workout a few times a day my first workout of the day is from the TG dvd and the other two time is just working out my abs, back, chest… I just wish I had ordered it sooner!!!”

The only complaints I could find on it pertained to the overall weight of the machine, though most did say that while heavy, it was not unmanageable.

Where to Buy the Total Gym XLS

You can order directly from the people at Total Gym or from other online retailers.  The Total Gym XLS often comes with free shipping which is incredible if you’re on a budget.

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