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This is my experience of a liver detox program. It's not meant to be a book review, though in many ways it is.

Liver Detox Flush – A Natural Method for Releasing Liver & Gall Bladder “stones”

As part of my own personal lifestyle changes, and my attempts to lose weight and get healthy, I decided to look for a liver cleaning program, that could be done easily at home. I had read in the past, a number of articles on liver cleansing, and its importance, as well as seen self-help home detox kits for sale on the web. If you think that a healthy liver filters 3 pints of blood a minute, and produces 1 – 1.5 quarts of bile every day, you get an idea of how important this organ is to the correct functioning of your body.

I wanted to detoxify my liver, so I ordered several books from Amazon on Liver & whole body detoxification. I was disappointed that most treatments required a complete change of diet for several weeks (and a lot of herbal tea). I wanted something quicker, and so was excited to find a book by a doctor (who practicing natural medicine) that required just 7 days, and household items (has was highly recommended by those who have bought it). What's more, this detox promised something that the longer “lifestyle change” detox methods did not – release of gall stones from both the liver and gall bladder.

Below you can see a video I created showing an actual detox. Don't watch if you have a weak stomach!

Gall stones in the Liver (intrahepatic gallstones)?

Yes, I wondered about that too. I had never heard of them. However, the author of the liver & gallbladder flush says that we all have them (up to several thousand), and even children are not immune. The author suggests that to prove it to yourself, you do a liver cleanse, so that's what I did. During the cleanse, I released around 50 stones. You can easily collect these stones, as the ones from the liver float due to the bile in them. Some however sink, and these are paler, tan coloured. Apparently these ones are from the gall bladder.

You can see some of mine in the photo below.


The largest of these stones was about the size of a pea. The largest ones I passed were around1.5 cm in length. If you think that's impressive, read on. My wife's were even bigger.

The stones consist of hardened bile and fat deposits in the liver, and they block the liver bile ducts. This prevents the necessary amounts of bile from entering the intestines, leading to a whole host of problems.

What problems do these Gall Stones cause?

According to the author, blockages in the bile ducts of the liver can have massive knock-on effects, and be responsible for a range of symptoms and illnesses, like hemorrhoids, difficulty breathing, high cholesterol, duodenal ulcers, depression, prostate disease, cancer, hormonal imbalances, skin disorders (e.g. rashes, acne etc), obesity, chronic fatigue, to name just a few. In fact, he lists over 60 medical conditions that he suggests are caused, at least in part, by gall stones in the liver. He doesn't just give you the list, and expect your to believe him. He also gives the medical explanations for many of these diseases.

What causes these Gall Stones in the Liver?

Bile consists of water, mucus, bile pigments (bilirubin), bile salts and cholesterol, as well as enzymes and beneficial bacteria. The liver secrets this mixture into bile ducts that carry it to the gall bladder.

Changes in the composition of this bile, can change its solubility, and if solubility decreases, crystals can form, which can grow into stones.

So what can cause these composition changes in bile? Well, here is a list:

  • Eating between meals
  • Eating heavy metals in the evening
  • Overeating proteins
  • Eating certain types of food
  • Using refined salt
  • Dehydration
  • Rapid weight loss
  • Low fat diets
  • Certain pharmacological drugs (e.g. hormone replacement therapy, and birth control pills)
  • Too much fluoride
  • Lifestyle
  • Emotional Stress
  • Watching too much TV (because that elevates cholesterol levels)

What does the liver cleanse involve?

The liver cleanse is an easy to follow system. It basically involves changing your diet for 6 days (there is a list of foods you cannot eat, but you can easily make healthy homemade recipes from what is available), as well as drinking apple juice for those days. On the sixth day, you start the actual cleanse which flushes your liver of the stones. This involves epsom salts, and a cleansing mixture taken in the evening of the 6th, and morning of the 7th day. On the 7th day, you'll experience a number of watery bowel movements, some of which may contain the released gall stones.

Overall, I found the detox easy to follow, and it produced good results. On day 7, I rid my liver of around 50 gall stones. This is apparently just the start. According to this book, my liver may well release a lot more in subsequent cleanses, so it is best to continue cleaning every 3 weeks or so, until no more stones are passed. This book also gives you a simple herbal kidney detoxification, so that is something else I'll try soon. The book also has a 21 point section on avoiding gallstones in the future.

The best thing about this detox program was that all ingredients that are needed are cheap, and easily available. There is no need to spend a lot of money on expensive “detox kits”.

Now, I promised to tell you about my wife. She went through the morning of the detox without passing stones, but in the evening (day 7), she spent a long time on the toilet, passing some real beauties. Below is a photo on some stones that were passed in one sitting so to speak. The largest stone she passed was around 3 – 4cm in length, and very hard:


If you are interested in more information on this, you can get the book on Amazon here.

Alternatively, the Master Cleanse has been creating quite a stir and is worth looking at.

I have listed some other interesting detox program in the menu of this page (see top right). Let me know your own results if you try any of these detox programs.

What's next for me?

I am now interested in colon cleansing, and colon plaque, so will be researching this topic, hopefully using natural products like psyllium husks, etc. I'll report my experiences on this site.

The Detox Method I Used:

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