Week 9 Complete

This week I have been feeling very tired, and as such, didn't really do as much cardiovascular work as I should have done.  My whole body feels like it could do with a rest (much like the rest I had between week 3 and week 4).

I am sure that a few days off would actually do me some good, but since my weight loss this week has been so little, I have decided to continue without a break.  I am going to try something else though.  Currently my daily meals are healthy, with balanced carbohydrate and protein up until about 2pm.  After that time I have only been eating protein and salad.

Over the next week, I am going to cycle my carbs a little.  2/3 days eating the current diet, and then one day on to eat more carbs, right through the day and including my last meal.  Since I currently weigh in on a Saturday morning, I don't want to have a high carb day too close to that, so I am thinking maybe Saturday (Sunday is my diet day off) and Tuesday or Wednesday.

I'll let you know how I get on with this and if it makes any difference to my fat loss. 

This week weight in

Weight: 103.9
Fat: 31.9

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