Week 7, cycle 2

Well this week was a disappointing weigh-in.  Here are the measurements:

Weight: 100.6 Kg

Fat: 29.9 Kg

I did eat more carbohydrates this week than normal, as I wanted to give my body a rest from the strict diet without changing my diet too much.  I included more complex carbohydrates, but still ate sensibly.  The decision to do this was also influenced by the fact that I started swimming this week.  I will be going 2-3 times a week, for around an hour each time.  This week I went twice.  Again, I take comfort from the fact that my weight from fat is below 30Kg.  That has stayed fairly consistent over the last few weeks, so I really need to get over this plateau, though at the same time, I realise that I may be increasing muscle mass which is a good thing, and that in itself will add to my weight.    Let’s see if I can push through it this week with extra cardio work.

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