Week 3, Cycles 2

I worked quite hard this week hoping to repeat the success of my last week’s weigh-in, where I had lost over 1 Kg in the week.  However, I was disappointed when i jumped on the scales this morning to see that my weight was identical. 

Weight: 101.2Kg

Fat: 30.1 Kg

The only difference between this measurement and last week is the fat Kg, which has dropped 0.6Kg.  I am never too confident about the fat measurement as it is done on bathroom scales, but I do feel like I have lost a little fat this week.  As I do weight routines every other day, and have done now for the last 15 weeks or so, I am also putting on some muscle, which is fantastic.  I have been watching my body change over the last few months, and that is more encouragement than any scales measurement can give me.

Hopefully I’ll have some more photos soon.  If you want a reminder of what I was like when I started my lifestyle makeover, and how I looked 3 weeks ago, you can see it here:

My Lifestyle Makeover

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