Week 12 Complete

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I have just finished the 12 week program so will be adding some photos to this post in a little while.  After 12 weeks, by final weigh-in produced the following stats:

Weight:102.3 Kg
Fat: 31.1 Kg

Overall, this 12 weeks has been character-building.  It has meant sticking to a fairly strict eating regime (I won’t call it a diet as it isn’t in the “weight loss dieting” sense), and going to the gym when I really didn’t feel like it. However, I can now have a week off while I think about the next program.  I’ll be starting that immediately after a relaxing week which I think my body needs to help repair my tired joints and muscles.

When I started out with these 12 weeks, my measurements were as follows:

Weight: 108.2 Kg
Fat: 34.9 g

That represents a nett loss of nearly 6 Kg.  While the scales report that only 3.8Kg of fat were lost, I very much doubt these measurements for fat are correct.  My wife has been commenting on my muscle growth over this period, and I too have noticed changes in muscle mass.  I therefore will stop posting the fat measurement on this site, and instead, post the a weekly photo instead.

12 week program before and after shots:

Note that I forgot to take a “back shot” before I started, so the one I included in the BEFORE picture for the back shot was actually taken at the end of week 1.

Front Photos:


Side Photos:


Back Photos:


I started out my lifestyle makeover over a year ago.  I have had ups and downs, and fallen off the program a few times.  However, here are my photos from 27th July 2007.


..and now..



I would love to hear about your own weight loss success stories, so feel free to write a comment below.

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