Week 11 Over

With just one more week to go in the latest 12 week program, I am looking forward to a week off once it is over.  I have no plans to go back to my old ways, but certainly think my body could do with a rest.

After 11 Weeks, my weight is as follows:

Weight: 102.5Kg
Fat: 31.2 Kg

Again, I am not too concerned by the “fat” reading.  It was done on bathroom scales, and I doubt it is very accurate at all.  What I am interested in is:

  1. How I look
  2. How I feel

Next week is the final weigh-in in this 12 week program.

About Andy

Andy writes for a number of health related sites but has always been fascinated by alternative medicine and home remedies. His deep interests in nature and the body's innate ability to heal itself (given the right condition) have lead him to a pivotal time in his life - and so, Holistic Home Fitness was born. While it's relatively new at the moment, Andy wants to build this site into a huge reference site for a more holistic approach to health and fitness.