After Week 4: (actually its week 5, but I am not counting the week I took off).

Weight: 106.9
Fat: 34.1

The changes I made this week were huge.  Instead of following the Body for Life exercise program (which just did not let me body recover quickly enough), I switched to a system called “7 Minute Muscle“.  This system uses 7 minute muscle work outs.  Yes, that’s right, just 7 minutes.  It also uses lighter weights than the Body for Life program, meaning that my joints & tendons are not under so much stress.  Surprisingly, the workouts are very demanding, and the body part exercised does ache more for the few days after, than it did with the heavier weights “Body for Life” exercise program.

Here is my schedule of 7 minute workouts:

Sunday – Chest
Monday – Back
Tuesday – Shoulders
Wednesday – Biceps
Thursday – Triceps
Friday – Legs

I’ll also fit abs in to two of those workouts, and a couple of aerobic exercises sessions per week (usually an hour walking with a 15Kg backpack).
Each body part takes just 7 minutes.

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Andy writes for a number of health related sites but has always been fascinated by alternative medicine and home remedies. His deep interests in nature and the body's innate ability to heal itself (given the right condition) have lead him to a pivotal time in his life - and so, Holistic Home Fitness was born. While it's relatively new at the moment, Andy wants to build this site into a huge reference site for a more holistic approach to health and fitness.