Day 85 – 19th October 2007

Weight – 105.1 Kg (231.22 lb)

Fat Mass – 33.0 Kg (72.6 lb)

Weight Loss To Date: 9.4 Kg (20.68 lb)

Blood Pressure – 117/76

Resting Heart Rate – 72

This last week, I have tried to increase my workouts. In fact, three days of the week I was up at 6:30am for a 30 minutes workout. Then, after dropping my daughter off at school, I went for my usual walk, this time using a 10Kg backpack. I decided to drop down from 20Kg because of the calf injury I sustained on one of those 20Kg walks. I don’t want to aggravate that, as it kept me out of walking for a few weeks.

I will be upping the weight to 15Kg for today's walk, and hopefully I'll continue my early morning weight routines this coming week, so I can finally get off this plateau and head on down toward the 100Kg mark. I would love to be below 100Kg by Christmas. That is my immediate goal.

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