Day 8 – 3rd August 2007

Weight – 112.3 Kg (247lb)

Weight Loss To Date: 2.2Kg (4.8 lb)

Blood Pressure – 122/81

Resting Heart Rate – 79

The first week is over! I am very happy at my 2.2 Kg weight loss over the last 7 days. To have lost this much weight without actually having gone on a calorie controlled diet, just goes to show that how unhealthily I was living before I started this lifestyle change.

So far, I havent missed anything. I use to have a drink most evenings, and that had become quite ingrained into my daily routine. However, I havent missed it one bit, and have been waking up with a clear head, every morning. I like that feeling!

The daily walk has stopped being a challenge. I can get round my route easily, and don't find it too taxing, so for week two, I am going to be introducing weights into my routine. I plan to do weights at least three days a week, exercising a couple of major muscle groups each session. I'll continue to do my daily walk, but maybe use that as a warmup for the gym on the days I am going to do weights.
I'll provde more details of this when I have worked it out myself, but I think it will be something like:

Day 1 – chest/back

Day 2 – Shoulders/arms

Day 3 – abdominals/legs

I won't set specific goals for how long I will stay in the gym, only that I need to initially do a couple of exercises for each muscle group. I'll also minimize rest between exercises so as to maximize the fat burning (keeping heart rate within the “zone” for a sustained period) process.

Also, in the next week, I'll start posting some of the recipes I have been eating. I have found my food processor very useful, especially for blending up fruit and vegetable “juices”. Look out for some of those recipes this week.

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