Day 71 – 5th October 2007

Weight – 106.1 Kg (233.42 lb)

Fat Mass – 33.1 Kg (72.82 lb)

Weight Loss To Date: 8.4 Kg (18.48 lb)

Blood Pressure – 120/79

Resting Heart Rate – 72

During the last week, I have avoided walking as an exercise, as my right calf is still injured. However, I have worked on weight training machines, and so no apparent weight loss this week is not unexpected. My scales actually said that over the week, my weight had gone up by 0.3 Kg (0.66 lb), but that my body fat had dropped 0.3 Kg (0.66lb). that might reflect an increased lean mass (muscle and water/glycogen that the muscle stores) of 0.6Kg (1.32 lb).

Bathroom scales are notoriously inaccurate for measuring body fat, but it's all I have.

In the next week, I'll continue to do the weights, and maybe some light walking.

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