Day 64 – 28th September 2007

On Saturday, I completed my Liver and Gall Bladder detox. I released over 50 stones during the final day, up to the size of a pea. My wife however, released stones up to 4cm in length. To see photos, click the link above to my liver and gall bladder detox section.

In the last week, I have not done any weights because of a shoulder injury. I have had this injury for some time, and had been working through the pain, but it wasn't getting any better, so decided a week of rest was in order. As for my walks, I only did one, and that is because of an ankle injury I got last week on a 20Kg Backpack walk. Since then, I have been giving my ankle a rest as well, however, yesterday I went for a walk without my backpack, and that was the sum total of my exercise this week. I am quite excited, as I bought a Polar Heart Rate Monitor so I can do some experiments, and also find the best weight to carry on my walks for maximum fat burning. I'll be writing about those experiments on this site, so check back soon.

OK, the weigh-in for today:

Weight – 105.8 Kg (232.76 lb)
Fat Mass – 33.4 Kg (73.48 lb)
Weight Loss To Date: 8.7 Kg (19.14 lb)
Blood Pressure – 125/73
Resting Heart Rate – 74

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Andy writes for a number of health related sites but has always been fascinated by alternative medicine and home remedies. His deep interests in nature and the body's innate ability to heal itself (given the right condition) have lead him to a pivotal time in his life - and so, Holistic Home Fitness was born. While it's relatively new at the moment, Andy wants to build this site into a huge reference site for a more holistic approach to health and fitness.