Day 25 – 20th August 2007

Weight – 109.1 Kg (240 lb)

Fat Mass – Kg (35.7 lb)

Weight Loss To Date: 5.4 Kg (11.9 lb)

Blood Pressure – 124/81

Resting Heart Rate – 77

The same weight as on Day 22, but I am not disappointed. This is a lesson all slimmers need to learn. Your body weight can vary significantly depending on what you have eaten or drunk the day before. This is why you should only really weight yourself once a week, when trying to lost weight. Unless you are fully aware of how much your body weight can fluctuate, you will get very demoralised if it appears your weight has gone up.

In fact, yesterday morning, when I weighted myself, I was 110 Kg, almost 1 Kg heavier than today. Clearly that isn't fat, but water. When you consider that a litre of water weighs a kilogram (2.2. lb), you can see how water retention can affect weight.

What I am doing now, is to follow the same dietary plan each day before a weigh in, to help minimise these large fluctuations.

OK, with all of that said, the overall trend of my weight is still down, while my fitness levels have been increasing daily. I have found the 15Kg walk very easy now, and would go up to 20 Kg, but have a sore knee, so am waiting until that gets a little better.

With just 5 days to go to my 30 day challenge, I am feeling fitter, healthier, and happier than I have for a long time. When the 30 days is up, I have plans to relax for a couple of days, and then go for a 7 day detox. The detox is something I have wanted to do for some time, but my body was not in good enough condition to attempt one.

I'll provide more details on the detox, at through this website. Even though the 30 day challenge will be over, I am going to keep posting my progress on this site, as well as create new sections on various health issues that I have an interest in.

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Andy writes for a number of health related sites but has always been fascinated by alternative medicine and home remedies. His deep interests in nature and the body's innate ability to heal itself (given the right condition) have lead him to a pivotal time in his life - and so, Holistic Home Fitness was born. While it's relatively new at the moment, Andy wants to build this site into a huge reference site for a more holistic approach to health and fitness.