Day 22 – 17th August 2007

Weight – 109.1 Kg (240 lb)

Fat Mass – 35.4 Kg (77.9 lb)

Weight Loss To Date: 5.4 Kg (11.9 lb)

Blood Pressure – 126/82

Resting Heart Rate – 76

Another great weigh-in. I am really very happy with weight loss, and the way my body is feeling now. Most of the aches and pains I was used to have disappeared, and I am feeling stronger, and certainly fitter. My walks are all done with 15Kg of weight in a rucksack, and that is becoming quite easy, so for the last week, I'll be upping that to 20Kg.

As things stand now, I still have 19 Kg to lose to reach my final end-point. However, my initial target of getting below 100Kg is now looking attainable. It will certainly take me longer than the 30 day challenge to achieve this, but hey, this is a lifestyle change, and I am in no rush.

The last few days, I have to admit to slipping up on my diet. I have not been eating the same level of fresh fruit as I did early on, so today, I am off to the green grocers to stck up on apples, peaches, plums, water melon, bananas, and any other fruit that looks good. I want to get back to eating at least 5 or 6 pieces of fruit a day (I'll make up a big milkshake of several fruit, as that is the easiest method I have found to get my quota).

For the last week, I will be stepping up my gym work. Adding a few pounds of weight to my lifting routines, as well as a few new sets of different exercises. I think the most important thing here is to keep pushing your body, as you'll find it gets used to higher levels of exercise quite quickly.

On a side-note,before I started this 30 day challenge, my body didn't seem to be processing sugars properly. If I got hungry, I could find myself feeling very weak, and shaky. I assumed this was a symptom of pre-diabetes, but didn't get it checked. Anyway, I am happy to report that those symptoms have now disappeared, and I no longer feel weak and shaky when I get hungry.

One of the things that extra weight (especially round the middle) seems to do is increase the risks of diabetes, so losing my “beer-gut” has been very important. On day 30, I'll post new photos, which I am sure you will agree, show a massive reduction in mid-rift fat.

I am starting to make plans for the weeks after my 30 day challenge. I will let you know more of these a little closer to the time.

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