Day 18 – 13th August 2007

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Weight – 110.1 Kg (242.22 lb)

Fat Mass – 36 Kg (79.2 lb)

Weight Loss To Date: 4.4 Kg (9.7 lb)

Blood Pressure – 123/84

Resting Heart Rate – 78

There appears to have been a big drop in my weight over the weekend. However, the big problem with taking too much notice of individual measurements, is that your body can hold onto fluids and different levels of carbs can be stored in muscle. I would therefore always look only at the overall trend of the weight loss.

On Friday, I changed my walk slightly. I did the same walk, but I added 10Kg to a rucksack, and carried that. It was quite tiring. I did the same on Saturday, and found the walk much easier, so yesterday, I upped the weight to 15 Kg. That was tiring, which is exactly what I want. I need to keep pushing my body, once it gets used to a certain level of exercise.

It is quite amazing when I realise that I am 20 Kg over-weight (for my own liking), which means I am always carrying around 20 Kg more than I should. However, you put the weight on slowly, and get used to it. By adding the rucksack with weight, I can see what an extra strain my body is under, and that is only 15Kg extra. For the next few days, I am going to alternate the 10Kg and 15Kg backpacks, until I am fully comfortable at 15Kg. I may then try to up it to 20Kg.

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