Day 15 – 10th August 2007 (half way into my challenge)

Weight – 112.0 Kg ( 246.4 lb)

Fat Mass – 37.1 Kg ( 81.62 lb)

Weight Loss To Date: 2.5 Kg ( 5.5 lb)

Blood Pressure – 124/87

Resting Heart Rate – 77

Firstly, some bad news. My scales broke, which meant I had to go and buy some new ones. The reason this is bad news, is that the according to my new scales I am heavier than I originally thought. Because of this anomaly, I went and looked at the results I had, and other members of my family who used the old scales. The new scales report a weight that is about 1.4 Kg more than the old scales. I checked the new scales with some known masses, and found they were quite accurate.

So, with that in mind, I went back and edited my weights in this challenge, adding 1.4 Kg to each entry. This doesn't really matter, as all I am really interested in is watching fat disappear, so the actual numbers taken individually are not as relevant as the trend I see.

The new scales also calculate the mass of fat so I'll include those figures going forward. I don’t think that this new figure will be too accurate, but we'll see.

Now, you'll notice that my weight went up very slightly between day 11 and day 15. This may be due to inaccuracies in my conversion using the new scales, but I don’t think so. You see, I started the gym this week, and went three times. In the past when I have done this, my weight loss has stopped, and even reversed slightly, so this is not surprising to me. To compensate for the weight training I am doing, I am increasing carbohydrate intake, though am limiting it to complex carbohydrate.

I have continued going for my daily walk, which has become easier and easier, and in myself, I feel a lot fitter and healthier. I have noticed that my gut doesn't stick out as much as it did before, and am quite pleased with the progress so far.

As far as my old nemesis "beer" goes, I have not even been tempted to drink any, so that is encouraging.

This next week, I am hoping to step up the gym sessions. Gym session takes about 20 minutes, but is quite tiring as I take very little time between sets and repetitions.

OK, let's look at the pictures. Let's compare the before pictures with the 2 week pictures.

Pictures taken Before 30 day challenge:


Pictures taken after 2 weeks:


Half-Way Summary

So, 2 weeks in, and 2.5 Kg (5.5 lb) lost.

This represents a kilogram (a couple of pounds) a week which is quite a healthy weight loss. The fact that I am not on a calorie controlled/restricted diet, makes this quite impressive.

In the last two weeks of my challenge, I will continue eating when hungry, but I will step up the exercise. I am thinking about carrying a rucksack on my walks with some weight inside. Maybe 10 Kg, just to make my heart work that little but harder. I'll also be stepping up the weights.

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