Day 113 – 16th November 2007

Weight – 104.4 Kg (229.68 lb)

Fat Mass – 32.3 Kg (71.06 lb)

Weight Loss To Date: 10.1 Kg (22.22 lb)

Blood Pressure – 119/80

Resting Heart Rate – 72

Well this last 10 days has had my weight all over the place. After my 3 day experiment, my weight went up, then down as mentioned above, but the last 10 days have seen it rise again as high as 105.5 Kg, and as low as 103.8 Kg. This morning, the weight of 104.4 was very disappointing. I wont be doing any more of these experiments, as I now have 4.4 Kg to lose before Christmas, and that is going to take some hard work on my part. While I will continue to go to the gym and do my walk (which is now about three days a week only), I really am going to have to step it up to reach my 100Kg target by Christmas. Also, knowing how difficult December is to keep weight off, I am feeling under a lot of pressure.

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