Nonin GO2 Achieve FingerTip Pulse Oximeter

imageFingertip pulse oximeters are being used in many settings these days. Hospitals, nursing homes, sports medicine clinics, schools, and public health clinics are all using them. Even athletes are using them in extreme situations such as mountain climbing, when the oxygen levels in the air may affect the levels in their bloodstreams. The Nonin GO2 Achieve FingerTip Pulse Oximeter unit is a highly recommended and very popular oximeter. Let’s find out why.


It may seem shallow, but this is a great looking device. The bright orange is eye catching and different than the usual boring gray or black oximeters. It is stylish in design as well, with rounded corners and a nice display. Looks may not be the most important thing in this kind of device, it is nice to see some attention to the design.


  • No prescription required
  • +/- 2 digital accuracy
  • Drop-tested durability
  • Best water access protection
  • Easy to read display
  • Widest finger range for fingers up to one inch wide

Nonin Medical

Nonin Medical is the inventor of fingertip oximetry. The US based company has produced several health technology products over more than twenty years. They are dedicated to providing high quality products and services to their customers.

Blood Oxygen

We require oxygen in the cells of our body to live and function. Every organ of the body needs oxygen to survive. While we can withstand brief periods of lower oxygenation, in general, we normally have 96 to 98% oxygen saturation in our blood. Use of pulse oximetry at home is increasing as patients and caregivers are monitoring their oxygen levels during illness or after hospital discharge. Patients with COPD, asthma, sleep apnea, and other cardiac and respiratory issues may use them to track blood oxygen levels. In some cases, athletes may use them during training to ensure appropriate oxygenation.

Pulse Oximetry

The oximeter shines two beams of light, red and infrared, through the finger and the capillaries. They reflect the amount of oxygen in the blood and report it in the form of a percentage. As the oximeter is clipped onto the fingertip, you may want to avoid darker nail polish colors or acrylic nails that might interfere with the readings.

The Scoop

Often, we make decisions without much research, but when it comes to our health, we usually want a second opinion… even when purchasing equipment. The Nonin GO2 Achieve FingerTip Pulse Oximeter SandStone Orange has an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars and several positive comments:

One user really did his research. He found, on the Nonin website, that the medical grade version of this pulse oximeter that requires a prescription appears identical to this version. The specifications are identical as is the price. Medical grade equipment must meet FDA standards, so the user inferred that this unit must be a very well made device. The readout is clear and easy to read and has been shown to be quite accurate.

The Negative Scoop

One user compared the readings to a professional device in a pulmonology office and found it to be consistently 5% low. A customer was peevish that he tried twice and ended up with blue instead of orange – I don’t blame him for being angry! Overall, negative reviewers said that the wholesaler who supplies this product (not Amazon) was difficult to deal with.


The Nonin GO2 Achieve FingerTip Pulse Oximeter is available through Amazon and is eligible for free super saver shipping.

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