Finger Pulse Oximeter SM-110 with Carry Case and Neck/Wrist Cord by Santamedical

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imageI have to wonder if you are tipping your head to the left and squinting at this headline and wondering what the heck a “finger pulse oximeter” is…. Well, let me tell you. A pulse oximeter is a small medical device that clips onto the end of a finger and measures the oxygen saturation in a patient’s blood without having to prick them with a needle. It is painless, fast, and easy. In fact, you may have even already had one used on you.
And now you can use one at home if you need to.

How Does it Work?

A pulse oximeter is a probe that sends light from two different wavelengths. The light assesses the hemoglobin in the blood, and senses whether it is saturated with oxygen or not. It then figures out how much is oxygenated and determines the percentage of oxygen in the blood. It also measures pulse rate and reports this information.

Why Use One?

In some instances, there are conditions in which the oxygen levels are diminished in the blood. Some examples:

  • Sleep apnea
  • Surgery
  • COPD
  • Some emergency situations
  • Respiratory or cardiac problems
  • Athletes in extreme conditions

Features and Specifications of the Finger Pulse Oximeter SM-110 with Carry Case and Neck/Wrist Cord

  • Oxygen saturation of arterial hemoglobin (SpO2) and pulse rate (PR) are displayed clearly on the screen
  • Simple to use
  • Lightweight and small for convenience
  • Low power indicator
  • 2 AA batteries can produce 30 continuous hours of use
  • LED display
  • Can be used by athletes to check SpO2 and PR
  • Carry case and neck/wrist cord for ease of transport
  • 1 year warranty

An Industry that Will Grow

Frost and Sullivan, a group that monitors global market growth, published a report titled, “US Pulse Oximetry Monitoring Equipment Market” that said that the pulse oximeter market made $201 million in 2006 and predicts that it will reach $310 million in 2013. They predict the growth will be related to home monitoring increases because it is so easy and convenient. They are low cost and easy to use, so they will likely become used more and more. The reason for this is that our healthcare is falling more and more into our own hands. Doctors used to have us come back to the office to have blood pressure checks. Now, they tell us to check, but we have to figure out how… This is the same with pulse oximetry. Physicians need the information to diagnose and treat, yet the patient has to find a way to obtain it.

What are People Saying About the Finger Pulse Oximeter SM-110 with Carry Case and Neck/Wrist Cord by Santamedical?

It’s so difficult to choose an item like this without the opinion of someone who has used one. The 4.5 out of 5 star rating is really great, but what are the comments?

Almost universally, consumers who purchased this product needed it either for themselves or a loved one who had been recently ill. It helps them to determine the appropriate level of additional oxygen needed and whether they are over-exerting themselves in a particular activity. The oximeter has also helped sleep apnea patients regulate their CPAP levels as they can monitor their blood oxygen levels. This is a big part of the monitoring during a sleep apnea study.


Only two out of fifty three reviewers gave this item a poor review. Both were related to the providing company, not Amazon.


The Finger Pulse Oximeter SM-110 with Carry Case and Neck/Wrist Cord is available from, is in stock, and qualifies for free super saver shipping.

Bottom Line

With so many positive reviews, this sounds like a pretty good option for those needing an affordable, reliable, pulse oximeter. If issues arise with the providing company, try contacting Amazon. They have amazing customer service.

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