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Many of us walk every day. Whether it is from the parking lot to the office; from the chair to the bathroom; from the waiting room to the exam room; or around a block or two; a lot of us move around by walking. A new trend is competitively tracking steps. I have actually seen teachers, waitresses, and other professionals wearing pedometers, recording their daily steps, and hoping to win the cash everyone put in to join the competition.

All’s Fair

Of course, I could SAY it takes me 112 steps to walk from my desk to the bathroom when it’s really about 9. So, how to stay honest? Use a pedometer. Pedometers are made to track the number of steps a person takes. And the newer pedometers are better than ever.

Vintage Pedometer

I dug out the pedometer I had in the 80s. I have no clue why it was still around, other than it was in the back of a drawer of exercise equipment that I hoped would get me into shape just by being near me. Anyway, this clunker was HUGE. It had to weigh about a half a pound… or something like that. It boasted that it tracked “normal time” (as opposed to what? Alien time?), had a daily alarm (because what’s a pedometer without an alarm?), an hourly chime (ah… that’s why the battery was taken out), a 10-hour stop watch (I’m laughing so hard right now. This must be for that 10-hour mile you strive for.), and a step/distance/calorie/step alarm (I don’t know if it alarms with every step or certain distances or calories, but I DO remember that stupid CLICK with every step). Oh, and you had to clip it onto your belt at an exact 90 degree angle to your body or your steps wouldn’t register. Yeah, pedometers have been around. Be thankful that the Omron HJ-303 GoSmart Tri-Axis Pocket Pedometer is a whole lot better than my old one.

In with the New

imageThere’s a lot of cool things about the Omron HJ-303 GoSmart Tri-Axis Pocket Pedometer, but I have to tell you the coolest first. The whole “Tri-Axis” thing? It tracks your steps no matter how you wear it. This thing can be horizontal, vertical, or flat. It will work AT ANY ANGLE. It filters out non-walking steps – that’s how smart it is. Seriously, this thing is smarter than my neighbor’s cat. And that cat can do calculus.

  • Tri-Axis for step recording at any angle
  • 7 day memory
  • Clock
  • Clear display
  • Auto-reset at midnight
  • Extended battery life via sleep mode
  • Measures steps
  • Measures distance
  • Reports calories burned

Smart Sense Technology

You know when I mentioned that this device can weed out non-walking movements? That’s because of the Smart Sense technology. Instead of the pendulum that the old pedometers used, this uses acceleration sensors. These are much more sensitive and accurate. I suspect this is similar to the devices that allow electronic gameplay that involves tipping and shaking the unit to perform different actions.

Out of the Box

When you get your new Omron HJ-303 GoSmart Tri-Axis Pocket Pedometer, you’ll find the pedometer, holder, strap, clip, lithium battery, screwdriver, and instruction manual in the box.

Tech Specs

  • 1.9 x 0.6 x 2.9 inches
  • 4 ounces
  • Shipping weight is 6.4 ounces

Let’s Give Them Something to Talk About

The best way to find out about a product is to find out what people are saying about it. Currently, the Omron HJ-303 GoSmart Tri-Axis Pocket Pedometer has an average rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars. Here’s some of the reviewers’ positive thoughts:

They like this particular version of pedometer because it is small, but the numbers are large for easy viewing during the workout. Some reviewers found that seeing the number of steps was motivating and pushed them to work toward the recommended 10,000 steps per day.


You can’t please everyone. Some customers complained about the lack of metric measurements, incorrect readings after several uses (this could be related to low battery), and some simply questioned the accuracy.


The Omron HJ-303 GoSmart Tri-Axis Pocket Pedometer is currently available from and qualifies for super saver free shipping.

Bottom Line

I’d gladly send you my vintage pedometer, though you’d have to get a battery for it and do some serious eye-rolling as you used a protractor to make sure it was at perfectly 90% on your body. I’m pretty sure this one, the Omron HJ303 is better, though. A lot better. And the whole “Tri-Axis” thing is going to make all of the other walkers jealous. Seriously. You’re walking along with the thing in our pocket and they’re struggling with the infernal belt clip. That kind of smugness has to burn a few extra calories.

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  • Sunil Mehta

    Bought two of these. They measure the number of steps fairly accurately but neither of them keep correct time. For example, I set mine an hour ago and it’s already off by 20 minutes. I’ve tried contacting Omron by email and they say to call them. I tried calling during the work day and was placed on eternal hold.

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