Omron HJ-112 Digital Pocket Pedometer

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Walking is a great way to add exercise to your life. The only issue is how to figure out how hard you’re working and what it might really be doing for you. I’ve spent several years walking and listening to music, wondering how far I’ve gone. I stop every 20 minutes or so and check my pulse, desperately trying to remember my target heart rate and whether what I’ve calculated is anywhere near it. When I finally figured I had walked far enough, I would get home, get in the car, and drive the route I had walked. Obviously, this meant I couldn’t walk on any trails and that the distances were slightly off as I was walking on sidewalks instead of roads.

In other words, I had a whole lot of approximate information and the hope that it was close enough to accurate to do me some good.

Enter the Pedometer

The first pedometer I owned, and this is completely true, came in an Adult McDonald’s Happy Meal with a crappy salad and a bottle of water. It was a pretty basic pedometer and Oprah’s favorite, Bob Greene was endorsing it, so I ate the salad, drank the water, and put on the pedometer. The pedometer was as crappy as the salad. It made clicky noises and didn’t record every step. What it DID do was make me crave the knowledge that could be obtained by using a good pedometer.

Who is OMRON?

OMRON Global is a company that produces industrial automation products, electronic business components, automotive electronic components, social systems business, and healthcare items.

In the healthcare area, OMRON produces blood pressure monitoring devices, weight and body composition meters, thermometers, electric toothbrushes, nebulizers, and of course, pedometers. With the wide range of technological information utilized by OMRON, you can count on their product being cutting edge.

imageOMRON’s HJ-112 Dual-Axis Pocket Pedometer

This pedometer has some amazingly awesome features:

  • It can be used horizontally or vertically so it can be placed for comfort
  • It’s quiet! No clicking
  • Measures steps
  • Measures aerobic steps
  • Tracks time
  • Tracks distance accurately
  • Calculates the calories and fat grams burned during the walk
  • Keeps seven days of information for reference
  • Auto-resets at midnight
  • Large display for ease of use

Smart Sense Technology

I don’t know about you, but I want my technology to be smart… and sensible. In this instance, Smart Sense Technology is what gets rid of that annoying clicking sound that pendulum pedometers make. The sensors are smart enough to determine when an actual step is being taken and when movements aren’t really walking (no cheating!) so the end result is an accurate step count. It just makes sense, doesn’t it?

In the Box

When you purchase your OMRON HJ-112 Dual-Axis Pocket Pedometer, this is what you will find in the box:

  • The snazzy looking odometer which is smaller than an average cell phone
  • A pedometer holder
  • A lithium battery
  • A detachable belt clip
  • A security strap to prevent loss
  • A screwdriver
  • An instruction manual

No Belt, No Problem

When pedometers first became popular, they clipped onto a belt or waistband. If you didn’t wear a belt, the weight of those early models would make your waistband sag uncomfortably. Nowadays, people aren’t just tracking steps on formal “walks”. Workplaces are having “step challenges” to see who can accomplish the most steps in a predetermined period. Some people just wear them daily to see how much they have walked and worked out.

The really inventive clip is fantastic because it can be clipped onto a pocket, a purse, a tote bag, or (of course) on the hip. The 2D technology means that the device can be horizontal or vertical and still accurately determine your information.

Steps vs. Aerobic Steps

Steps are… well, steps. Aerobic steps, on the other hand, are steps that are based on at least 10 minutes of constant walking at over 60 steps per minute. Steps and Aerobic steps are noted separately.

What Are They Saying?

Consumer ratings put the OMRON HJ-112 Dual-Axis Pocket Pedometer at 4.6 out of 5 stars. One user quoted Consumer Reports in naming this as the #1 of all digital pedometers. It is light weight and easy to use. Many users loved the fact that it did not need to be clipped on to still reveal accurate results.


You can’t please everyone. A few users complained about the size of the device and that is it actually TOO accurate! More than 2800 of the 3060 reviewers gave the OMRON HJ-112 Dual-Axis Pocket Pedometer 4 or 5 stars. That pretty much says it all.


The OMRON HJ-112 Dual-Axis Pocket Pedometer is currently available at a very reasonable price from The great features, reasonable price, and good user reviews should indicate to you that this is one great pedometer.

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