Count your steps to get in shape and keep fit

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If you're getting started with a fitness program that includes walking or running, or you're simply looking to become more aware of how much physical activity you're getting each day, one health gadget that you'll definitely want to invest in is a pedometer.

Pedometers are becoming more and more popular for people to utilize not only while they're in the gym but on an everyday basis as well and for a cost-effective price, you too can now start making use of one while you reach towards your health and fitness goals.

Let's take a closer look into what a pedometer is and how it's going to help you realize success.

What A Pedometer Is

A pedometer is, simply put, a device that calculates how far you've travelled by looking at how many steps you've taken on a daily basis.

As you get up and move around, whether you're outside walking along the side walk, at the gym running on a treadmill in the cardio section, or just getting up throughout the day as you go about your desk job, a pedometer is going to track each and every step you take.

At the end of the day or your workout session, you'll then have a fairly accurate recording of precisely how many steps you've taken throughout the course of time. You can also reset the pedometer any time you wish so if you want to track your total steps over a given trip, that's perfectly possible to do as well.

How A Pedometer Will Help You

So how does knowing how many steps you've taken help you to realize success with your health and fitness plan?

Well first up, one of the main goals of more people is to simply be more active throughout the day. When you're wearing a pedometer on your body, you can see right there just how active you're being.

If you notice on one day by 3PM you've taken 4000 steps and then on the next day by 3PM you've only taken 2500, this may be a signal to you that it's time to get out for a late afternoon walk.

By wearing the pedometer on a daily basis you can become much more aware of your varying physical activity levels and start trying to get up and move around more. Set a goal to beat each day's step count and before you know it, you can easily tack on another mile or two of walking per day.

Remember that for each mile you walk or run you'll burn approximately 100 calories, so over the course of a month this could mean an additional pound or two of body fat lost. All simply because you wore your pedometer and made an effort to be more active.

The second good benefit the pedometer will provide you with is an accurate way to assess how far you've travelled while exercising outdoors. While some people do wear them all day long, others just choose to use them while exercising. If you can aim to achieve a higher step count with each walk or jog you do, that will be indication that you've travelled a greater distance or increased your overall speed, therefore indicating you are making progress with your fitness level.

How To Properly Use A Pedometer

Most pedometers are incredibly easy to use and where exactly you place them will depend on the model that you have. Some models will clip right onto your shoe while others may be worn as a wristwatch or arm bad.

If you shop around a bit you'll be able to find pedometers that also track other health measurements such as your heart rate or total calories burned, so if you're willing to invest a little more money you can get further information past your step count.

Of course you may just want to know how many steps you've taken, in which case a basic pedometer will be the best option for you.

So if you're looking to get more active and improve your fitness level and workout quality, strongly consider picking up a pedometer. As far as being more active on a daily basis, this health gadget is easily one of the best pieces of equipment to have.

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