Garmin Forerunner 305 GPS Receiver with Heart Rate Monitor

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imageJust when you thought you had everything you needed, including a top-of-the-line GPS for your car, the Garmin Forerunner 305 GPS Receiver with Heart Rate Monitor appeared for your workout. This very cool personal training tool has features I didn’t even know existed. And now I’m wondering how quickly I can get my hands on one.

Take Running to the Next Level

Runners take their workouts seriously. Why invest the time and effort if you don’t have the tools to take the experience to the next level? Technology can enhance any workout. The addition of a GPS with heart rate monitor can:

  • help runners analyze performance
  • free runners of the limitations of a pre-measured route
  • customize workouts
  • weather those wet workouts with water resistance

Finding the right personal trainer device can make the difference between a good workout and a great one.  In fact, the right personal trainer won’t be limited to just running. That’s where the Garmin Forerunner 305 GPS Receiver with Heart Rate Monitor comes in.image


The performance of a training device is dependent upon the functionality of the GPS. The Forerunner 305’s highly sensitive GPS antenna actually wraps around the wrist. This provides more accurate data, even in areas with abundant tree cover and tall buildings. The typical battery life of the rechargeable lithium-ion battery is 10 hours. All of this translates into the most reliable wrist mounted GPS on the market.

Heart Rate Monitor

A key component of a running workout is heart rate monitoring. The ANT+™ heart rate monitor is wireless and includes a soft, secure chest strap. Extended battery life means that the battery will last up to three years based on one hour per day usage.


The Forerunner 305 is like having a personal trainer running with you. It pushes you to achieve new levels of fitness with:

  • advanced, custom workouts
  • workouts designed to meet your fitness goals
  • fast, simple workouts
  • interval workouts
  • a notification alarm if you vary from your selected pace
  • a signal when you reach a pre-set goal
  • workouts for running
  • workouts for cross country skiing
  • workouts for cycling
  • workouts for windsurfing

imageThe trainer even taps into that ever-present competitive nature in runners by providing a Virtual Partner® to motivate you to push harder.

Lots of Capability in a Small Package

For a unit with this much capability, you might expect it to be so heavy you’ll be tempted to do bicep curls with it. Luckily, the Forerunner 305 isn’t cumbersome at all. It dimensions are 2.1” x 2.7” x 0.7”. Display size is 1.3” x 0.8” with a resolution of 160 x 1000 pixels. On a woman’s wrist, this looks like one of the stylish oversized watches that are very popular in jewellery stores today. On a man, it looks comparable to a sports or diving watch. It is in no way too clunky or large.

Hone Your Focus

Focus is crucial for both the casual or professional athlete. To have that focus disrupted by constantly adjusting a GPS trainer is not only frustrating, it can inhibit that feeling of freedom and enjoyment of the run. The Forerunner 305 has some automated tools that keep your mind on your run, not on your wrist:

  • Auto Pause® pauses your workout based on changes in speed
  • Auto Lap® automatically starts new laps and records your data at regular intervals
  • Auto Scroll displays data pages in a repeated cycle during the workout


The amount of data offered in the display is incredible. Luckily, users can customize what data they want to be able to see scrolling. Some of the options included are:image

  • calories burned
  • distance
  • heart rate tracking
  • average heart rate
  • headings


The Forerunner 305 connects via USB to a computer to upload your data, analyze it, and share it with an online community. The Garmin Training Center® software provides tools for planning courses to upload to the trainer and to track historical performance on courses. All of the gathered data can be graphed and compared to previous performance.


Garmin offers a one year manufacturer’s warranty on all GPS units. There is no warranty information for submission, simply register the device on the web site and keep the receipt.image

In the Box

When you purchase the Forerunner 305, you will receive:

  • Forerunner 305
  • State-of-the-art heart monitor
  • Software for the Garmin Training Center® program
  • Docking Cradle
  • Expander strap for heart monitor
  • AC charger
  • USB cable
  • Owner’s manual – also accessible online with device attached to computer by USB
  • Quick start guide with the essential information for getting up and running rapidly

What’s the Buzz about Forerunner 305?

imageThere are currently over 1,600 reviews of the Garmin Forerunner 305 GPS Receiver with Heart Rate Monitor. The average rating is 4.5 stars. Some of the comments from customers:

“The display is crisp and has one outstanding feature: The information presented on the various pages can be completely user-customized.”

“I use mine for cycling and running, the direct link to see your workouts mapped on GOOGLE EARTH is FANTASTIC!!!! “

“This is quite possibly the best electronic device I've ever purchased. “

“Where has this been all my life?”

“This is a watch sized GPS with better performance than units ten times its size.”


After reading hundreds of reviews, the only complaint was that the GPS was slow at times. Most reviewers felt that it was not an issue and that the device performs very well and is an excellent value for the money.


The Garmin Forerunner 305 GPS Receiver with Heart Rate Monitor is currently available through at a special discounted price and is eligible for free Super Saving Shipping.

Bottom Line

If you are serious about your workouts, this device will let you keep your head in the game instead of worrying about defining routes, recording data, comparing performance, tracking heart rate, calculating time with pauses, creating workouts, and more. I’m thinking this is a great tool for a serious fitness enthusiast… or a great gift for one.


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