FT40 Heartrate Monitor by Polar for Serious Fitness Enthusiasts

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imageIf you could actually see me, you’d know that I’m not a serious fitness enthusiast. I’m enthusiastic of other people being fitness enthusiasts and I know I SHOULD be a fitness enthusiast…. But I’m not. BUT I do know one. In fact, my husband is one. And I happen to looking for gift for him. So this seems like a pretty good option for my fitness enthusiast husband.

Why Polar?

Polar is a legend in the health monitor business. It really isn’t surprising that this is one of their best sellers. If I’m going to buy my hubby a heart rate monitor, I may as well go for something good, right?


  • Monitors calories burned
  • Monitors fat burned
  • Built in fitness test
  • Aerobic fitness assessment
  • View Heart rate percent of maximum target zone
  • Calculates from the upper limit of the BPM
  • Audible and visual alarm when target zones are achieved
  • Average heart rate reading
  • Exercise time
  • Maximum heart rate monitor
  • Alarm clock with snooze feature
  • Date/day indicator
  • Dual time zone monitor
  • Low battery indicator
  • Backlit face
  • Water-resistant to 30 meters
  • Volume adjustment
  • Grey watch face and band

Fitness Monitors

The EnergyPointer feature analyzes your workout and indicates whether it is more geared toward fat burning or aerobic fitness improvement. The Fitness Test assesses your aerobic fitness at rest and tracks your progress.

The EnergyPointer, once employed, uses heart rate, heart rate variability, age, gender, height, weight, maximum heart rate and fitness level. It then calculates a level that is approximately 69% of the maximum heart rate. This value may vary as your condition changes from day to day and the EnergyPointer will adjust accordingly.

In other words, you remember all of those crazy calculations you used to have to do to figure out BMI and target heart rate and zone and percentage of the optimal zone and all of those heavy duty calculations – okay, so heavy for me because I struggle to balance my checkbook ? Well, you don’t have to do any of them anymore. The FT40 Heartrate Monitor by Polar calculates all that and more AND it adjusts it to daily changes. Awesome, right?

What’s the Scoop?

Web sites always tell you all the good stuff. Uses, cool features, pretty photos, and all the “buy me” text. To REALLY know if something is good, you need to hear what people who have actually used the product have to say…. So, the FT40 Heartrate Monitor by Polar has a 4.4 out of 5 star rating and this is what people have to say:

A husband and wife both own this unit and agree that it has enhanced their running and strength training workouts. The chest strap and wrist strap are both very comfortable to wear. One of the biggest plusses noted by several reviewers? This heart rate monitor has a user-replaceable battery!


No product is perfect for everyone. The FT40 Heartrate Monitor by Polar disappointed only two reviewers out of thirty three. One was dissatisfied with the accuracy of the information and may have had some issues that should have been addressed with Polar while the unit was under warranty. The other reviewer had difficulty with the alarms working correctly.


The Polar FT40 Men's Heart Rate Monitor Watch by Polar is available from Amazon.com at a sale price and is in stock right now.

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