The Omron Body Fat Monitor and Scale: How Fit Are You?

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imageWeight and body fat are two big indicators of fitness. While finding out your weight is relatively easy, body fat is tougher to determine without the correct equipment. In the past, only wellness centers, healthcare providers, and personal trainers were able to determine our percentage of body fat. Now, the Omron Body Fat Monitor and Scale (HBF-400) , HBF-510W, HBF-514C) can do it right from home – saving us a little dignity – and the cost of a personal trainer.

Why the Omron Body Fat Monitor with Scale?


For the general public, Omron is a big name in fitness technology. They produce blood pressure monitors, body composition monitors, body fat monitors, heart rate monitors, nebulizers, pace and distance trackers, pedometers, and thermometers. Professionals rely on Omron quality as well, for their blood pressure monitors, portable ECG monitors, sphygmomanometers and aneroids, stethoscopes, and thermometers. The company uses rigorous testing to assure that each product is clinically accurate.

In the Box

Not to spoil the surprise, but this is what you get…

  • HBF Main Unit
  • Instruction manual
  • 4 “AA” batteries


The monitor in this unit uses a weak electrical current (50kHz, less than 500 μA) when determining body fat. If you have a cardiac pacemaker DO NOT use this device as it may interfere with the electrical impulses.

Body Fat Readings

Body fat percentage can fluctuate quite a bit. Two major causes of variations are:

  • Intake. Both water and food will cause reading changes. Wait an hour or two after meals to check body fat.
  • Changes in circulation. Do not take readings right after a bath or shower, in extreme heat or cold, during illness or exhaustion.

It is recommended that you measure body fat in the morning before you do ANYTHING – such as eat, drink, or even shower – and then follow the same trend every day for accurate comparison.

Bioelectrical Impedance

The Omron Body Fat Monitor and Scale measures body fat with this BI method. Apparently, body fat does not conduct electricity, so the unity sends a very weak current through the body to figure out how much fat tissue there is. The electrical current is not felt by the user.* See warning above. *


Some users will find very significant fluctuations in readings. These users may include:

  • Growing children
  • Elderly
  • Those with a fever
  • Body builders
  • Athletes
  • Dialysis patients
  • Pregnant women
  • Post-menopausal women
  • People with swelling related to medical conditions

Keep the user manual handy for reference. There are several specific error messages that indicate incorrect foot placements or other issues that can be easily fixed.

Features of the Omron Body Fat Monitor with Scale

The Omron Body Fat Monitor and Scale includes several features, including:

  • Body fat and composition scale
  • Weight measurement
  • Visceral fat (fat around organs)
  • BMI
  • Resting metabolism
  • Skeletal muscle (muscle attached to bone)
  • Progress tracking
  • Approximately 1 year battery life (4 AA batteries)

How Is It?

Until you hear from an actual user, how can you determine whether an item is really good? The Omron Body Fat Monitor and Scale rates 3.8 out of 5 stars from users.

One review really struck me. A man and his wife are both using the Omron Body Fat Monitor and Scale. They are more than 100 pounds different in weight, yet they found that the device, after taking turns for 5 times in a row, gave them consistent weight readings each time. In fact, the gentleman found it was perfectly calibrated with his doctor’s office scale!

You Can’t Please Everybody

Obviously there will be some negative reviews. Many reviewers found that the body fat sensor was off. These people claimed to have used other methods of measuring and determined the Omron Body Fat Monitor and Scale to be the incorrect value. Positive reviews countered that while they might not be fully accurate, they were consistent so showed whether the amount was increasing or decreasing. In fact, almost every negative review complained about body fat accuracy, yet did not comment on consistency of measurement.


The  Omrom Body Fat Monitor with Scale can be purchased from with Free Super Saver Shipping.

Bottom Line

Omron is a big name in healthcare electronics. This product measures body fat percentage, BMI, and weight. It can maintain profiles for 4 people.

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