Don’t drink & Drive – test your breath alcohol level to make sure you are safe!

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As you go about making some lifestyle, diet, and workout improvements to enhance your overall sense of well-being, another goal that you might have set for yourself is to limit your alcohol consumption. Or, perhaps you're facing a health condition where taking in too much alcohol could quickly become very dangerous so it's imperative that you're constantly staying on top of how much you're drinking so that you know your limits.

Whatever the case may be, having a personal alcohol breathalyser to turn to can be a very smart investment.  We have reviewed 4 breathalyzers to help you make your decision, so if you want to go straight to the reviews, here are the links:

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  4. BreathKey Breathalyzer Review: The Digital Keychain Breath Alcohol Tester

For those who want to know a little bit more about these gadgets before reading our reviews, let's take a look at what alcohol breathalysers are and how these can help you attain a better state of well being.

What Alcohol Breathalyzers Are

An alcohol breathalyzer is a type of device that you will blow into that will then determine the total alcohol concentration in your blood stream. They are most commonly known as gadgets that police use when assessing whether someone is safe to be out driving, but for the individual who is looking to improve their health, they can also be useful.

There are a few different types of alcohol breathalyzers that you can purchase for use, so it's important to note the differences between them. The standard breathalyzer is going to be a device that takes in the breath and assesses the chemical reaction that takes place inside the breathalyzer with your air and the air in the chamber. It then uses this reaction to determine your level of intoxication.

Another type of breathalyzer is called an intoxilyzer and will detect the alcohol in the body through infrared spectroscopy. This variation uses the wavelength of light to determine your level of intoxication.

Finally, there are alcosensor devices, which will utilize the power of electrons to assess alcohol level in the blood.

Note that for everyday use you're going to come across breathalyzers most often as these are the most cost-effective forms and widely available. All three devices do require the user to blow into a chamber, it's just the way the device assesses the level of alcohol in the body that differs.

How Alcohol Breathalysers Can Help You

So why should you use a breathalyzer?

The first reason is if you're out having a night out and consuming alcohol and plan to drive home. Since you know it's unsafe to drink and drive (not to mention illegal), having your own breathalyzer is going to help to prevent intoxication so if you were pulled over by the police, you wouldn't get fined, not to mention it could potentially save you from what could be a fatal accident.

For those who are trying to follow an intense fat loss diet and watch their calorie count, using a breathalyzer will also help them to prevent intoxication where most people do often start making unwise food choices as well.

If you're the type to indulge in pizza, wings, or other high-fat, high-calorie foods when drinking, this device may help prevent you from doing so.

Finally, there are always health risks of drinking too much alcohol as it is very hard on the liver and your entire body system so having a breathalyzer on you to assess how much you've had, you can be sure that you're not over consuming past your body's ability to clear it from your system.

How To Properly Use An Alcohol Breathalyzer

To properly use a breathalyzer you simply breathe right into the chamber and it will come back to you with a number representing your level of intoxication. For driving purposes, you must be under a blood alcohol level of 0.08, so as soon as you near this or go over, that's your indication to switch to water or a non-alcohol form of beverage.

Making sure to use this throughout the night as you are drinking will ensure that you stay on top of the readings and get the most accurate measurement possible.

So if you're someone who is either trying to stop drinking or lower your consumption, this is one health gadget that you'll definitely want pick up. Personal breathalyzers are very handy to have and will quickly deliver you the information that you're looking for.

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