Weslo Cardiostride Plus Manual Treadmill Review

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Weslo Cardiostride Plus Manual TreadmillOn the top of the list of things to look for in a home treadmill, experts often suggest making sure the machine will fit your home. Too often new users are attracted to the biggest “baddest” machine, spend a fortune, only to get it home and find out it won't even fit through the door, much less into one of the rooms. The Weslo Cardiostride Plus Manual Treadmill is an economical, manageable treadmill that will fit into most homes, apartments and condos.

Buying a manual treadmill also makes it less expensive. Modern society with its love of all things technological, often looks down on manual performance, but manual is not necessarily a downside. With a manual treadmill like the Weslo Cardiostride, you have to put the effort into making it move, and that adds extra toning and aerobic factors to the workout. The Weslo Cardiostride Plus Manual Treadmill still has the options you can find on bigger, more expensive machines, but you don't need to locate the machine near an outlet and keep it powered up. All you need are a couple of batteries for the console so you can get your workout stats, and you're ready to roll.

3-Positions for Optimal Intensity

Another consideration most trainers suggest making sure an at-home treadmill has is a varied incline setting. The Weslo Cardiostride Plus has 3 incline levels so you can add or subtract intensity levels to your speed. It has a 13 to 20 percent range of motion which is perfect for users of any experience level. A dual flywheel helps the Weslo Cardiostride is smooth running, and you never have to worry about motor troubles because it is self-propelled. You go as fast, or as slow as you need for your activity level and desires.

LCD Display for Easy Readout

The easy to see center console provides a good feedback for your workout. It delivers EKG grip monitor to keep track of your heart rate, and displays that along with information on time, and distance traveled, how many calories you burned while you walk or jog, and the Weslo Cardiostride Plus Manual Treadmill makes it possible to get a great aerobic workout in the comfort of your own home.

Padded Surface for Safe Walking

The comfortable running pad provides shock relief for your joints so anyone of any age or ability can get a safe workout. The Weslo Cardiostride Plus Manual Treadmill is also great for recovering from injuries, and getting the therapy you need without further stressing bones and joints.

Lightweight and Space Saving Design

At only 65 pounds, this is an easy to handle machine that you can put anywhere in your home, and get out of the way easily. The slim, foldable platform means you can fold it up and get it off the floor, or put it against a wall, or in a corner. No matter where you live, an important element for most people is to keep their home looking comfortable and homey, not like a gym. The Weslo Cardiostride Plus Manual Treadmill is great for small spaces, and cramped living quarters. If you live in an apartment or condo, it won't take up an entire room, or bother neighbors with loud noise from a motor either.

Affordable Price to Fit any Budget

There are many great things about the Weslo Cardiostride Plus Manual Treadmill, but perhaps the best is the low price. The very easy to handle cost of this treadmill makes it possible for anyone who couldn't otherwise afford to own a treadmill get the benefits of a daily walking workout.


The Weslo Cardiostride Plus Manual Treadmill has a relatively short platform for easy storage, but that is, at the same time, hard on taller users. The short-term 90 day warranty, and somewhat short lifespan of the machine is reflective of the low price. This is a very entry level treadmill. It's great for anyone who wants to determine if an at-home treadmill will be worth the cost, and if they will spend the time using it. Often people buy a treadmill and it sits and gathers dust after those first few days. This one will let you determine if a treadmill will get the kind of use that warrants a higher priced machine, and if it doesn't you won't have spent a lot of money to find out.

Customer Reviews

“No problems with the Weslo Cardiostride Plus Manual Treadmill. I get great workouts every time, and it helps me control my diet and diabetes problems. I really like it, and the console runs on triple-A batteries that I haven't had to replace in over a year.”

“Great way to get in a morning walk without dealing with weather and traffic hazards. I even get to watch the morning news and even read the paper to get ready for the day on the Weslo Cardiostride Plus.”

“After a few miles on it, it started to squeak a lot. I had to oil it up regularly, but it has held up well with daily use.”

“Takes a lot of work to get it moving.”

“I love the Weslo Cardiostride Plus Manual Treadmill. It is what a good treadmill should be, no motors, no just going through the motions, you have to really do the work, and then you really get the results.”

Bottom Line

This is not the treadmill for everyone. It isn't the treadmill for serious athletes with a lot of experience and hard work out needs. The Weslo Cardiostride Plus Manual Treadmill is the perfect fit for anyone needing a low-budget machine that will give them an occasional work out, or help them decide if they like the idea of having a treadmill in their home. It is easy to store, and lightweight so that it can be put away, and not make your home look like a gym, and works well for long enough to determine how effective a treadmill really is for you.


Weslo Cardiostride Plus

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