Nautilus T514 Treadmill Review

Nautilus T514 TreadmillWhen considering the decision to buy a home treadmill, people often think about the safety of walking and jogging at home instead of on the road. They think about the advantages of being able to walk or jog regardless of the weather and they also think about the convenience of having their very own workout experience in their home rather than having to drive to a gym, pay a large membership fee over and over again, and deal with the crowds that come with good fitness centers. The Nautilus T514 Treadmill is an excellent choice for all of those reasons, and one very important other one:

On the Nautilus T514 Treadmill you can regulate your pace, and control your workout in a way you can't do on a road, or track. The Nautilus T514 Treadmill also gives you all the power-packed technological advantages of a quality gym treadmill—and it's a Nautilus, a name that is synonymous with excellence in the workout world.

There are comfort benefits to doing your walking indoors too: while the scenery never changes, you can do a lot in your own home that you can't do on the road. You can read a magazine, book or newspaper to catch up on literature or world events as you walk, or watch TV and catch up on your favorite shows, all while burning calories and toning muscles. A handy built-in magazine rack will hold your reading material perfectly no matter how hard you work. The Nautilus T514 Treadmill also provides you with the best in comfort control such as a built-in fan to help you keep cool while you workout, a bottle holder so you can stay hydrated, and it can hold up to 350 pounds with stability.

The Nautilus T514 treadmill also provides a comfortable, safer workout for your joints. This is important for everyone of any age, but especially for older people, and for people recovering from injuries. It is important to keep fit at any age, and while you are returning to full health. The Nautilus T514 Treadmill has a special Softrak suspension cushioning on the large 20 x55 inch track to provide support and stress relief for your joints, and plenty of room to move for users of any size.

Programming and Interval Training with the Nautilus T514 Treadmill

Any training program needs several elements to ensure its optimal success: the first is multiple programs, and the second is a way to gauge heart rate to regulate the intensity for the best calorie burning pace. Intervals let you set a determined desired heart rate, and speed up or slow down according to your body's reaction to the workout. There are also 19 pre-programmed workouts that focus on specific features such as time trials, calorie burning, distance running, and even 5 or 10k race course patterns. The Nautilus T514 also has multiple incline levels to increase, or reduce intensity as you work, and you can change speeds and inclines with ease as you work without ever leaving the machine, or breaking stride.Nautilus T514 Treadmill

Space Saver Technology

When you're done with your workout, save floor space with the space saving technology of the Nautilus T541 Treadmills folding frame that lifts the running platform up and out of the way with ease. This is an excellent advantage for those who live in small spaces, apartments and even homes with limited floor space. The quiet operation of the Nautilus T541 Treadmill also makes it perfect for apartment dwellers who don't want to disturb neighbors while they workout.

The Nautilus T514 has an extremely strong 2.75 horsepower motor, and 2—that's right TWO LCD backlit windows to display your workout stats as you train. It also has both grip and telemetric heart rate monitors to make it easy to keep track of your heart rate whether you are holding on to the grips, or walking free-stride in perfect walking or jogging form.

It has a superb Nautilus 10 year guarantee on frame and motor. That's one of the best, and longest guarantee in the industry. It also has the highest weight limit at 350 pounds for riders than any comparable treadmill on the market.


All of the durability and sturdiness, not to mention technology comes at a cost. The Nautilus T514 Treadmill is a hefty 286 pounds and when you put it somewhere, that's where it is likely to stay. If you need a treadmill you can move about for the best use in order to watch television while you work, store it somewhere, or get a good view out of a window, it will probably be frustrating due to the Nautilus T514's weight.

Consumer Reviews

“Assembly was much easier than I expected from such a large and complicated machine. Be sure you get the box where you ultimately want the treadmill to be, because once you put it up, that's where it is going to stay. This is a HUGE machine, and while its heavy, it is also very sturdy and doesn't wobble around. It is also big and great for someone like me with long legs, and a long stride. I have plenty of room to run on the Nautilus T514 Treadmill.”

“The Polar brand heart rate chest strap is much more accurate than the hand grip heart rate monitor on the treadmill. I bought this on an impulse, but am very happy with the way this machine works, and it gets a lot of use.”

“It was a snap to put together, and I love the way it works.”

“Bought the Nautilus T514 Treadmill to train for 10k runs, and it is spectacular. It is everything I hoped it would be, and has a great top speed of 12 mph for serious athletes.”

Bottom Line

This is one of the top of the line at home treadmills. The Nautilus T514 Treadmill provides the best technology in the industry, a great price and a name you can trust. It's on the high mid-range specter of the price range of treadmills, but worth the extra cost in order to get a reliable easy to use machine.

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Nautilus T514

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