Power 90 In-Home Boot Camp

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imageNo pain; no gain. That’s what they say, anyway. And from what I hear, boot camp is pretty darned tough… but it gives fast and amazing results to recruits, so I imagine this program provides fast and amazing results as well.

Shape Up in a Hurry

I’ll admit it. If I’m going to follow a diet or workout regimen – or both – I want to see results. I want to see them FAST. If I don’t see fast results I lose motivation and go back to sitting on my couch watching infomercials for magic underwear that hides tummy bulges. So if I’m going to commit any time at all to a workout routine, I’d better see results pretty darned fast. Now, 90 days seems like a long time, but if I think more about it, I have a feeling that the intensity is geared to me seeing continuous results. And who doesn’t want that?


Several workouts are included in the Power 90 In-Home Boot Camp. Each is geared to provide some serious results:

  1. Sculpt Circuit 1-2 is full of easy moves designed to tone you up. Sounds like a good place to start.
  2. Sweat Cardio 1-2 might be where things get a little tougher. Original cardio moves, kickboxing, Pilates, and more moves to burn fat. Burning fat equals losing inches.
  3. Sculpt Circuit 3-4 ramps up the intensity to sculpt muscles that are long and lean.
  4. Sweat Cardio 3-4 accelerates the fat burning cardio workouts.
  5. Ab Ripper 100& 200 are six minute ab routines geared to giving you six pack abs. And I don’t mean abs like you drank a six pack, either.

More Tools for Success

As if those boot camp workouts weren’t enough, the Power 90 In-Home Boot Camp kit also has some other goodies to enhance your fitness:

  • The Program Guide and Transformation Tracker explains what you should be doing and then keeps track of your results. In other words, directions and graphs.
  • A 90 day calendar to count down the days to the new you.
  • Free online access for support from others doing the Boot Camp program as well as diet and fitness tips.
  • Fat Burning Express Workout is a 35 minute special workout to jumpstart your metabolism if you hit a plateau.
  • The Fat Burner Meal Plan offers an easy-to-follow eating plan to help you lose weight faster.
  • The 6 day Fat Burning Express Plan shows you how to lose up to 10 pounds and 10 inches in 6 days. Talk about motivation!
  • A free Power Sculpting Band for adding resistance to your workout is included.
  • A Success Measurement Card and tape measure are also included to you don’t have to use that metal tape measure from the toolbox in the garage (that could hurt) and the chart is the equivalent of those nifty sticker charts for good behavior in school… except with numbers that keep getting smaller. Win!


What More Do You Need?

Tony Horton is a personal trainer and his enthusiasm shows in the videos. He uses what he calls a “Sectional Progression” that moves in this order: chest, back, shoulders, biceps, glutes, legs. His workouts are formulated to burn fat quickly, sculpt, and transform your body.


The Power 90 In-Home Boot Camp comes with a 90 day money back guarantee. If you aren’t satisfied with the progress that you make with this system, the Beachbody company will refund your purchase price within 90 days of purchase. That’s confidence!

Does It Really Work?

We’ve all seen commercials with people who claim to have lost weight or gotten into amazing shape with one product or another. Some of them use completely different models; some of them use photo manipulation. So, how can you be sure that the Power 90 In-Home Boot Camp will really provide you with the body you want in 90 days? The system has an average of 4.5 out of 5 stars in reviews. Here are some quotes from people who have purchased and used the Power 90 In-Home Boot Camp:

“I have just completed 45 days and I went from being 6'1″ and 235 (obese) to a built (gained a lot of upper body muscle) 215 and went from a large 38 pant size (really should have been 40) to a 35.”

“It's a great workout program if you're either new to fitness or looking for something less expensive and less intense than P90X.”image

“With only two weeks to go before it's “technically” over, I almost feel like I'm losing a best friend. I do not plan to stop this program on April 11 (90 days), but I can't WAIT to see how far I've come by then. As of the date of this posting (9 weeks and 5 days in), I have lost a total of 51 pounds (down to 209), 11″ off my waist and 13″ elsewhere and I have found that energy that escaped me 5 years ago.”

“These workouts are quick, fun, and effective. Just like any workout, you get out of it what you put into it.”

“This is a great workout series. If you follow the program you will get results. The recommended diet is also great! If you eat the foods listed in the menu and do the exercises (at your own pace) It simply works”

“The Power 90 In-Home Boot Camp is a concise, well-conceived, well-organized and nicely presented kit. Tony Horton is clearly very knowledgeable in the field of fitness & exercise, and he takes a no-nonsense, practical approach to helping you get back on track.”


Some users were unhappy with the level of intensity of this program. This is geared towards beginners and those who have not been exercising regularly. It has been mentioned that those looking for a more intense challenge try the P90X program that ramps things up quite a bit.


The Power 90 In-Home Boot Camp is currently available at Amazon.com. It qualifies for free super saver shipping and is listed at a discounted price.


Bottom Line

If you want to get back into fitness and see fast results, give the Power 90 In-Home Boot Camp a try.


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