Hip Hop ABS DVD Set- 6 Workout Sets

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HIP HOP ABS DVD Set - 6 Workouts SetWhat could be more fun than to dance your way to a better looking body and do it to the energy and sound of Hip Hop music? This DVD workout set is very fast paced and geared toward helping you burn off that excess fat to show off those six pack abs that are buried underneath all that icky fat you have been accumulating for the last few years (or maybe just over Christmas).

Hip Hop ABS DVD Set– 6 Workout Sets not only helps you burn fat, it helps you tone up your body to give you that cut look that you see on so many people that you CAN achieve by religiously doing these workouts.

I have been looking for a workout set that is fast paced enough to actually make me sweat and feel the burn. From the research I have done into workout DVD sets, this one looks special.

The Hip Hop ABS DVD Set- 6 Workout Sets really does sound like the ideal fitness routine for me. Let me explain why.

What to Look for When Buying a Workout DVD Set

I have learned that there are specific things that you should look for with each program when you are looking to buy a workout DVD set. Some of them are:

  • How many different workouts are included
  • The intensity of the workout
  • The instructor
  • · Any nutrition guide included
  • · Everything that is included with the DVD

If you are willing to commit full force, you should be looking for the maximum results. Not all workout programs are created equal and you want to buy the one that will work best for you.HIP HOP ABS DVD Set - 6 Workouts Set

How Many Different Workouts Are Included?

There are 5 fast paced, intense workouts included with the Hip Hop ABS DVD Set- 6 Workout. There is the Secret to Flat Abs. An intense, fast paced workout that targets that hard to tone mid section. Fat Burning Cardio will get you moving and get your heart pumping to burn off the fat and tone your muscles. Ab Sculpt will give you even more of an ab workout without a single crunch or sit up. Total Body Burn is exactly what it sounds like. Fast paced to get the blood moving and the fat burning away. The Hips, Buns and Thighs workout is designed for the lower part of the body. Tone and shape your way back into a great and healthy looking body.

Hip Hop ABS DVD Set- 6 Workout is designed for a total body workout that will make you look and feel so much better.

The Intensity of the Workout

You can’t get much more intense than when you are working out to hip hop music. Just the beat itself demands quick movements and dance that will keep your body moving and burning calories. As the fat melts away and your muscles become more tone you will start to see that muscle definition that you probably haven’t seen in years. That’s the beauty of the intensity of the workouts with Hip Hop ABS DVD Set- 6 Workout.

The Instructor

Shaun T is your instructor for Hip Hop ABS DVD Set- 6 Workout. A highly energetic and motivating individual, he has put together one of the greatest workout DVD sets available. He glides you through each workout with intense motivation. Cheering you on like your own personal trainer would if you were working out side by side with him in the gym instead of your living room. Each of these workouts has been designed by him to provide you with the best experience possible while still providing the results you want.

Nutrition Guide

Along with Hip Hop ABS DVD Set- 6 Workout, you will receive the step by step nutrition guide. This guide unlocks the secrets to being able to still enjoy the food that you love along with your workout program. It is simply written so there are no questions about how to tie this nutrition guide in with your workouts so you can absolutely receive the best results possible. The object of the exercise is to get that killer body. No one wants to ruin it with bad nutrition!

Everything with the DVD

HIP HOP ABS DVD Set - 6 Workouts SetThere are quite a few items included with the Hip Hop ABS DVD Set- 6 Workout. Not only are you receiving the Nutrition Guide when you purchase this workout program, you are also receiving a whole slew of other really nice items that will help you on your way to that better body that you are wanting. A 30 Day Workout Calendar to help you keep track of where you are in your workout schedule. There is a measurement card and tape to show you just how much progress you are making and how much fat you are burning. The Results on the Run Diet Guide will help you with making those difficult decisions on what to order when you are out at your favourite restaurant. The Six Day Slimdown Plan will show you how to lose as many as 3 inches in just your first week of being on the program! Finally, the Learn to Dance segment will teach you two of the greatest hip hop dance routines to give you a jump start to making your body look fabulous.

How Much Should You Expect to Pay?

The Hip Hop ABS DVD Set- 6 Workout is available on Amazon.com for $72.80 with free shipping.

What’s Included

  • The workout DVD’s
  • The Step by Step Nutrition Guide
  • 30-day Workout Calendar
  • Measurement Card & Tape Measure
  • Results on the Run Diet Guide
  • 6-Day Slimdown Plan
  • Learn to Dance

Does it include a Warranty?

No, Hip Hop ABS DVD Set- 6 Workout does not come with a warranty.

What Others Are Saying

Hip Hop ABS DVD Set- 6 Workout has received quite a lot of positive reviews online. Currently it is rated 4 out of 5 stars.

Here are some of the comments to date:

  • “Best workout EVER!”
  • “I’m loving the music because it sets the fast pace!”
  • “Excellent workout, I’m seeing results already!”
  • “Awesome program!”
  • “A home workout staple.”
  • “Tilt, tuck and tighten!”
  • “I feel better now than I have in years.”

Any complaints?

People really do not have a lot of negative comments about Hip Hop ABS DVD Set- 6 Workout. The only thing that I found that could be considered a negative is that it uses older hip hop music. The music in the workouts isn’t current. I personally don’t see that as a problem, but to each is own. If you’re cool with some older hip hop then you’ll probably be pretty happy with this program overall.

Where Can You Buy the Hip Hop ABS DVD Set- 6 Workout?

You can get the best deal on Hip Hop ABS DVD Set- 6 Workout online on Amazon.com. It’s available in some stores as well, but Amazon is offering the best price and sometimes even offers free shipping on this set.

Where Can You Read More Reviews?

The best place for reviews from people who actually use the product is Amazon. com because you can find so many detailed reviews all together so it’s easy to get the information you need before you buy.

HIP HOP ABS DVD Set - 6 Workouts Set

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