Gaiam Kettlenetics Slim and Tone Kit

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imageDVD workouts can be very motivating. You don’t have to leave home, go to an expensive gym, and pay for a personal trainer. You can work out at your own convenience at home. With the Gaiam Kettlenetics Slim and Tone Kit, you get DVDs, workouts, the benefits of instruction from a celebrity trainer, and a kettle bell weight. This simple kit has everything you need to slim, sculpt, and tone your body.

What are Kettlenetics?

If you’re like me, about now you are questioning what ‘kettlenetics’ are. Well, the ‘kettle’ part refers to the kettle bell, a weight that looks like a ball with a round handle on it. The ‘netics’ part refers to kinetics, a term that means causing motion or dynamics. Therefore, Kettlenetics is an exercise program that utilizes a kettle bell weight and the dynamic force and motion of the body to enhance fitness.

Your Personal Trainer

Michelle Khai is a former professional dancer and celebrity trainer. She developed the Kettlenetics programs with dance-inspired moves for a fun, yet intense, workout. The Gaiam company is dedicated to presenting healthy lifestyle options.

In the Kit

In your Gaiam Kettlenetics Slim and Tone Kit are:

  1. 3 full workouts on 2 DVDs led by Michelle Khai
  2. 4 pound Kettle bell weight
  3. weight loss success guide
  4. free 30 day membership to the Slim & Tone Web Club

Benefits of Kettlenetics

The Kettlenetics Slim and Tone workout was conceived by Michelle Khai when she was creating custom kettle bell workouts for ballet dancers. The key to the workouts was to create strength while toning muscles and maintaining a sleek physique. After seeing the positive results with dancers, Michelle created a workout that any woman can follow. Traditional kettle bell weights can be cumbersome and awkward. Michelle Khai designed a kettle bell that is heavy enough to provide results, yet light enough to use without difficulty. So, what can this unique workout do for you?

  • full body toning
  • increased calorie burning
  • resistance training for the entire body
  • strength training
  • fat burning
  • cardio conditioning
  • improved endurance
  • enhanced stamina
  • boosted metabolism
  • body sculpting

What Does a Workout Include?image

A Kettlenetics workout consists of several components. A high-energy cardio workout integrates the kettle bell into a total body challenge accompanied by upbeat music. The moves are dance-inspired, but users do not need to have dance experience to follow along. The fluid motion of each move keeps the workout balanced and accessible for women of all fitness levels. Attention is given to posture and proper form. Each portion of the workout focuses on appropriate form to minimize the risk of injury. Varied moves work the core, hips, abs, chest, and arms.

Only Four Pound Weights?

Are you scoffing at the measly four pound size of the kettle bell weight? It sounds kind of light, but when you are working towards sculpting and toning, heavier weights are not the answer. You will feel the effects of the workout with these four pounders and see the results. After a few months, you may choose to upgrade to the eight pound weights, which come with additional workouts, but starting out with the four pound kettle bells WILL produce results. Again, lighter weights are used to sculpt, tone, and yield a sleek silhouette. Heavy weights bulk up muscle. This workout is not designed to build up bulk.


The beauty of the Kettlenetics Slim and Tone workout is that it mixes the cardio portion of a workout with the strengthening and toning. This is a huge timesaver. If you traditionally do a cardio workout, for example walking or biking, then a weight based workout, you can spend well over an hour or two exercising. These programs combine both cardio and strengthening into one workout, giving you some extra time for other things!

What’s the Buzz about The Kettlenetics Slim and Tone Kit?

It’s always great to hear what people who have actually used a product have to say about it. The following comments are from people who have purchased and used The Kettlenetics Slim and Tone Kit:

“Within the first week I started to notice a difference. It is a fun workout that targets all different muscle groups.”

‘This workout is no joke! I have been in a boot camp exercise program before but this… kicks my butt!”

“I used this for 6 weeks 3 times a week and I have lost 10 pound and toned up BIGTIME my arms, legs and hip area. Lines in my stomach are now visable and it's great. I actually canceled my gym membership and do this at home in the early morning before work.”

“You will feel like you are WORKING, even though this is only a 4 pound weight.”

“This workout is amazing. I could see results within my first week of training. It particularly increases strength of your grip, shoulders, thighs, and especially core strength.  The workout can be done at several levels of difficulty, so you can progress as you get stronger.”

What’s the Downside?

Of course, you can’t please everyone. Some reviewers complained about the “tiny” 4 pound kettle bell. These customers were looking for a workout that incorporated heavier weights. While the four pound weights may seem small, using them with the sculpting workouts will produce toning. These reviewers may have not understood that this is a toning product, not a muscle bulking one.

Another review complained of defective DVDs. While this is certainly disappointing, the same reviewer later posted that customer service was awesome and sent replacements immediately.


The Gaiam Kettlenetics Slim and Tone Kit is currently listed on at a reduced price. It qualifies for Amazon’s Free Super Saver Shipping program.


The Bottom Line

The Gaiam Kettlenetics Slim and Tone Kit is an easy-to-use, energetic workout that combines cardio and sculpting. The four pound kettle bell weight enhances the workout and yields results quickly. DVD workouts are high-energy and simple to follow. This is a great way to get a full workout from home.

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