Stamina 7200 Magnetic Fusion Recumbent Exercise Bike

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imageAerobics are the best way to get yourself fit, improve your cardio health, and lose weight. The Stamina 7200 Magnetic Fusion Recumbent Exercise Bike helps you get your aerobic exercise in style. When it comes to aerobics, there's no beating bike riding. It is a low stress way of getting your heart pumping, but even a regular street bike, or upright stationary bike has points of stress at the wrists, shoulders and back. While all of them are easy on the ankles, knees and hips, road bikes and upright stationary bikes are also very hard on the buttocks, and most riders find themselves either cutting sessions short due to the discomfort, or avoiding working out at all.

The Stamina 7200 Magnetic Fusion Recumbent Bike lets you get your aerobics in while in a semi-laying position that eliminates all strain on the wrists, shoulders and back, not to mention no pain in the rear end as well. Because you get all of the same benefits without the discomfort, you will be able to work longer, and get more out of each sessions.

12 Programs to Meet All of Your Workout Needs

The Stamina 7200 Magnetic Fusion Recumbent Bike has 12 built in programs to choose from so you can get the exact workout that suits your capabilities no matter what level of experience you are. The programs regulate the resistance levels, speed and even change the resistance depending on your heart rate for the best in interval training.


When you have exercise equipment in your home, you get all the benefits of being able to work out anytime you like, in the perfect environment for your comfort. You can be available to your family, or you can read a book, watch TV or listen to your favorite music. However, it can also be a problem when trying to fit it into your décor. The Stamina 7200 Magnetic Fusion Recumbent Exercise Bike is easy to move, and has wheels at the front to make it simple to move about from place to place so you can position it in the best place for your workout, then put it out of the way when you're done.


You get the security of a 3 year warranty on the frame, and 90 days on all parts so you know your Stamina 7200 Magnetic Fusion Recumbent Exercise Bike is fully functional, and up to your standards. It has an adjustable seat that is set at a comfortable 45 degree angle so it takes all of the pressure off of your hips and joints, and provides a smooth and comfortable ride.


Choose from any of 12 programs built in to the onboard computer to make your workout special for you. They include heart rate interval training to increase your fat burning efforts, or build up your stamina. You can pick a flat surface for easy entry level training, or select from a variety of interval hill training, or levels based on two heart rate programs.image

Easy to Read Console

The center situated console is easy to read with large blue backlit screen that displays heart rate, distance, speed, resistance level, calories burned, and time of workout on the LCD screen, and easy touch pad controls to choose between any of the training programs.

Heart Monitor

Pulse sensors are built right into the hand grips so you can get an accurate reading at any time during your workout. The heart rate shows on the readout screen, and also works in conjunction with several of the pre-programmed workouts in the computer.

Smooth, Quiet and Comfortable

The Stamina 7200 Magnetic Fusion Recumbent Exercise bike has a quiet operation that will make it perfect for busy households where more noisy equipment would disrupt everyday life, but also for apartment and condo users who have neighbors who would be unhappy with a noisy bike. It provides many comforts such as padding on the seat and backrest, foot straps to keep your feet in place and a water bottle holder so you can keep refreshments close at hand.

The seat is positioned on a smooth aluminum rail with rollers that make it quick and easy to adjust so that if there is more than one user in the house, changing between them is fast and simple.

What Makes the Fusion Special

Recumbent bikes are known for their added comfort, but they are often downplayed due to the fact that they don't provide as much resistance, and don't feel like a bike when you ride them. The Stamina 7200 Magnetic Fusion Recumbent Exercise bike excels in the recumbent arena because the seating, while still in the comfort zone, at 45 degrees puts you in a more upright situations, with upright handlebars along with side bars for common recumbent positioning. The upright bars give you more of a street bike feel, but still alleviate pressure on the wrists because there is a backrest, and you aren't leaning over the bars holding your upper body in position.

What Users Say About the Stamina 7200 Magnetic Fusion Recumbent Exercise Bike

“Takes time to put together, but it isn't hard. Just time consuming. It took me 2 hours to put it together.”

“Very comfortable, and good workout.”

“Hard for smaller users to ride. My wife is short, only 5'1″ and she can't reach the pedals even with the seat all the way forward. However, it's great for me, and I like it a lot.”

“When it arrived it was missing some parts, and a quick call to the customer service number got me fast service and prompt replacement of the missing elements. Love it.”

“This is so much more comfortable than my old exercise bike. I actually USE this one.”

Bottom Line

The Stamina 7200 Magnetic Fusion Recumbent Exercise Bike is excellent for any level of user, and is a comfortable way to get a great workout in. It isn't expensive, as exercise equipment goes, and that makes it great for those just getting into home exercise equipment, but not having a lot of money to spend.

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