ProForm 290 SPX Indoor Cycle Trainer

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imageSpin bikes like the ProForm 290 SPX indoor cycle trainer are immensely popular today. They have over run the stationary bike market for good reason. Spin bikes provide all of the qualities of a standard upright stationary bike with the added benefit of total body engagement.

On a spin bike you must position yourself up, over the bars. In doing so you engage your glutes, back, ab and oblique muscles, and your shoulders and arms as well. The balance is what makes a spin bike much more effective than a regular stationary bike. The ProForm 290 SPX indoor cycle trainer is a complete, all around muscle workout for you along with the maximum cardio workout.

Direct Pressure for Road Bike Feel

Another benefit of the ProForm 290 SPX indoor cycle trainer is that the heavy weighted flywheel is connected directly to the pedals. Unlike a standard stationary bike where the flywheel and tension bar is connected you get a more road quality feel when on a spin bike. It lets you perform more naturally, and adjust the resistance according to your motion.

The Weight Management Difference

If you are looking to shed unwanted pounds, you have met the ultimate machine in the ProForm 290 SPX indoor cycle trainer. Spinning burns far more calories than regular stationary biking. The average stationary bike lets you burn about 150 calories a half hour, a spin bike can deliver up to 500 calories burned in the same amount of time! That's a drastic difference.

The ProForm 290 SPX is Great For All User Levels

Whether you are just starting out, or an experienced cyclist, the ProForm 290 SPX indoor cycle trainer is a great ride. It allows you to work at the pace that is best for you, so you can slowly work your way up to top resistance, or get a power-packed workout the very first time you jump on.

Completely Adjustable

Any size rider can get a great workout with the ProForm 290 SPX indoor cycle trainer. The handlebars and the seat are both fully adjustable for the most comfortable position, and can easily be moved for each rider who uses the machine.

Health and Staying Hydrated

With the ProForm 290 SPX indoor cycle trainer you get all of the health benefits, and you never have to stop to go grab a glass of water in order to stay hydrated. You want to burn fat, and firm muscles, but the body needs to replace the water shed during a workout in order to remain fit. You can lose a lot of water weight, and it may appear to be a great loss, but it is misleading, and dangerous so the ProForm 290 SPX indoor cycle trainer comes with a built in water bottle holder so you always have your fluids handy to refresh and replenish your body during a workout and keep going to achieve the best results.image

Non-Slip Pedals

The pedals on the ProForm 290 SPX indoor cycle trainer have toe cages to keep your feet in place while you ride. That is more important on spin bikes than on regular stationary bikes since you are standing up most of the time while you ride, and slipping off the pedals could result in a nasty fall. When you are sitting on the seat of the ProForm 290 SPX you can flip the pedals over and use the opposite side to get a more intense lower leg workout, and since you are seated there is less danger if you slip off the pedals.


When it comes to spin bikes, the ProForm 290 SPX indoor cycle trainer has few peers. It is a gym-quality stationary bike for home use, and many who have compared it to the in-house bikes at top name health clubs find it to be exceptional, and in good standing with any competition. However, any spin bike has some issues for those with balance problems such as elderly users, people recovering from injuries that would inhibit their ability to balance equally on both sides of their body, or very heavy individuals who have a problem mounting a bike. While a stationary spin bike is much more stable than a road bike, it still requires the rider to be able to stand up and balance on the pedals to get the maximum benefits from spinning. Older riders and riders with balance problems can sit back on the seat during the entire workout, and still get the benefits of a stationary bike, although it won't engage the upper body and core muscles as well, and because the handlebars are situated further forward than on a traditional upright bike, they may be uncomfortable to use from a fully-seated position.

Excellent Warranty and Satisfaction

ProForm is a powerful name in health and fitness equipment and they stand behind their products 100%. The ProForm 290 SPX indoor cycle trainer comes with a five year warranty on the frame, and 90 day warranty on moving parts and electronics.

Easy Movement

Moving your ProForm 290 SPX indoor cycle trainer from place to place is a snap. All you have to do is stand in front of the bike, place your hands on the handlebars and push down lightly to lift the back end off the ground and the front transportation wheels built in to the stability bar do all the work for you.

What Consumers Have to Say About the ProForm 290 SPX Indoor Cycle Trainer

“Very easy to put together. I get a great workout with this bike.”

“Very affordable, and solid. I'm just over 5 foot and my husband is 6 foot tall and we both can use this bike easily.”

“Sleek and good looking, and a fun workout.”

Bottom Line

No matter what your user level, the ProForm 290 SPX indoor cycle trainer is a great bike at a great price. It will give you more than just an aerobic workout that most stationary bikes deliver, and firm up your entire body.

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