Life Fitness C3 Upright LifeCycle with Advanced Console

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imageThere are many reasons people look to buy a stationary bike for their home exercise needs. Some look for a simple way to get in daily activities, some want to be able to workout on their own schedule, others want to save money, and those are just a few of the most basic reasons. Still others have a much more advanced frame of mind when it comes to home workouts. They want to train their bodies in a precise manner, or are working towards certain goals. Whether those goals are health and fitness related, or event training related, the Life Fitness C3 Upright LifeCycle with Advanced Console will meet any needs in grand style.

The LifeCycle is no run of the mill stationary bike. It is an advanced fitness machine with heavy-duty capabilities, and high-tech programming. It is top of the line, and the type of quality you would expect to find in a health club, not a living room.

Advanced Programming for Any Fitness Needs

The Life Fitness C3 Upright LifeCycle with Advanced Console has more programming that you will find on any home exercise bike. Each program is designed to guide you in specific areas of interest and include:

  • Hill Programming to give you maximum resistance and intervals of intensity.
  • EZIncline that gradually increases resistance levels so your body can get used to the increase slowly.
  • Sport training programming that makes it seem like you are riding in a real world environment. This is very helpful for race training.
  • Fat burning programming for those intense calorie busting workouts.
  • Cardio training to strengthen your heart, and increase calorie burn.
  • Heart rate training comes in three distinct programs to give you the most benefits. The first is the Heart Rate Hill program that has increased intensity levels similar to the hill program, but designed to strengthen your heart with varieties of resistance levels as you go up and down hills. The second heart program is Heart Rate Interval where you climb hills in a series up to 80 percent of your maximum heart rate level. The third heart program is Extreme Heart Rate which delivers a fast impact to your heart rate to increase the stress level, then lowers it quickly. Great for sprinting sports such as football, sprinting, tennis etc.
  • Goal workout programming lets you set desired parameters for your workout such as number of calories to burn, desired heart rate or distance traveled.
  • Race mode delivers a challenging workout against a computer paced racing opponent.
  • Manual mode is available too so that you can simply get on and ride at the pace you desire.

There are two user profiles so that up to two people in a household can set their own statistics and workout preferences, and also a warm up and cool down program so you properly prepare for each session.

Comfort and Adjustability

Exercise equipment of any kind is only useful if you use it, and it isn't likely you will if it is uncomfortable. The Life Fitness C3 Upright LifeCycle with Advanced Console is created with comfort as well as performance in mind. It has a fully adjustable seat with 14 positions to maximize the comfort of any size rider. It is so strong it can accommodate riders up to 400 pounds and the pedals have non-slip, cushioning that helps keep you comfortable and safe.

Display Readoutsimage

The large electronic display on the Life Fitness C3 Upright LifeCycle is easy to read and has a blue backlite LCD screen that displays all necessary information as you work so you can judge the efficiency of your workout. Displays available are time, speed, heart rate, distance, level, target heart rate, watts, METs, and calories burned. You can also use that information to plan better workouts for the future and analyze your performance.

Size and Storage

As advanced and well-built as the Life Fitness C3 Upright LifeCycle with Advanced Console is, it isn't heavy. At only 118 pounds, it is easy to move where you need it anytime you want.


There aren't many disadvantages to the well-built, high-intensity LifeCycle. The biggest drawback may be cost. It is an expensive machine, as you might well image such a complex and strong piece of exercise equipment would be. That can be difficult for beginners to afford, but it is a justified expense for anyone who wants such a thorough workout machine.

Users love the Life Fitness C3 Upright LifeCycle with Advanced Consoles. Comments include: "At first I thought I needed a spin bike, but after reading about the LifeCycle, I decided on that instead. It's amazingly durable, doesn't wobble around like some stationary bikes, and best of all, in spite of all the programming abilities, does not require electricity. It gives me a challenging workout. The only drawback is that it doesn't hold the stats once you stop your workout."


The LifeCycle comes with a 3 year limited warranty on the parts, and a lifetime warranty on the frame, so you never have to worry about the quality and performance of your purchase.

Bottom Line

If you really want a serious workout from a stationary bike, the Life Fitness C3 Upright LifeCycle with Advanced Console is the bike to get. You can't beat it for its variety of workouts, easy to use console, and strength and durability. Where other stationary bikes are simply pedals on a spinning wheel, the Life Fitness C3 is a full scale training center for both fitness and endurance.

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