Body Rider Fan Bike

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imageStationary bikes provide many benefits to people who want to get fit even if they don't have any physical problems. Biking is terrific aerobic exercise that doesn't strain the body in the same ways as running, or even walking can. Because you aren't pounding on the pavement there is no danger of stressing ankle, knee or hip joints, and it is much easier on the back. The Body Rider Fan bike makes biking easy by letting you enjoy all of those benefits in your own home.

When you don't have a stationary bike you have to find ways to get the same benefits through regular road biking. That can be difficult if the weather doesn't cooperate, and even dangerous in some traffic situations. Of course, you could spend hundreds of dollars every year on a health club membership, but the Body Rider Fan bike lets you do the same thing as a health club without having to fit a health club's hours into your schedule, make time to drive there, or even just have to wait in line for one of the more popular machines.

When you have a Body Rider in your own home you can even watch TV as you train your body, or simply listen to your favorite music. When you are considering purchasing a stationary bike, consider these options and see where the Body Rider Fan bike excels as an super addition to your fitness workout needs.

Types of Stationary Bikes

There are actually many different styles of stationary bikes, but one of the main categories that differentiates them is the type of handlebars they have. You can find bikes with rigid bars that are simply hand grips like you would find on any other regular bike, or stationary bikes like the Body Rider Fan bike that has dual-action handlebars so that you get a secondary benefit of an upper body workout while you ride. The dual action bars move in unison with the foot pedals so that you have to engage your arms in the movements. Doing that also engages your core muscles the way no regular biking action can. Overall, it is a much better workout than simple bike riding for your aerobic needs.

Tension Adjustments

Some stationary bikes come with programmed adjustments for tension, and workouts. The Body Rider Fan bike doesn't have programming, but it does have an easy to reach and operate tension knob that lets you set the desired tension during a workout with ease. Begginers will likely leave the tension level at a single degree for the entire workout, but as you progress in your skills and ability, the adjustable tension will let you regulate the pressure up and down according to your heart rate, and desired burn level so you get a heightened interval training ability. Because it isn't reliant on programming, you set the tension to the level that best suits your particular needs and skills.


As stationary bikes go, the Body Rider Fan bike isn't as big as most. That is a real plus for users with limited space for exercise equipment, and also makes it possible to move about for the best position when you want to watch TV, and then put it back. It only weighs 47.3 pounds and is easy to move no matter how small you are. Don't let its compact size fool you, however. Even tall users can get a great workout on this bike with no problem.image

Easy Reading Control Panel

A bright and easy to read control panel lets you keep track of time spent on the bike as well as speed, the number of calories you burn during each workout session, and distance you traveled. Keeping track of your stats will let you judge how successful your workouts are, and if you need to increase or decrease the levels of intensity or time spent.

What Makes a Fan Bike Different?

As the flywheel turns it spins a large fan at the front of the bike.
That is the feature that makes the Body Rider Fan bike so unique. The spinning fan creates a breeze that keeps you comfortable even during the most intense workout. If you're comfortable, you're less likely to stop or quit before your workout is finished, and you'll enjoy it more.

Disadvantages of the Fan Bike

Because the fan is a large rotating blade fan at the front of the bike, there is an extra large hump that you have to climb over to get on. This can be a problem for elderly users, and people who have arthritis, or balance issues.

One thing that Body Flex Sports, the makers of the Body Rider Fan bike could have incorporated that would be helpful is a heart rate monitor. Because heart rate is so important in more advanced levels of use for interval training, the absence of the monitor is a rather large issue. It isn't insurmountable, however, since basic heart rate monitoring is possible manually, by taking your pulse. That does mean not using the dual action handlebars at those times, for at least as long as it takes to take your pulse.

What Users Have to Say About the Body Rider Fan Bike

“I'm over 6 feet tall and have no problem using this bike, as compact as it is. Assembly was easy, although you have to make sure you put the right pedal on the side it belongs, but once you have it all assembled it works great.”

“I was heavy and afraid the Body Rider Fan bike wouldn't be able to work right for e, but it is great and has a nice, comfortable seat.”

“It may not be the Cadillac of stationary bikes, but the Body Rider Fan bike does the job it is designed to do, and it does it well for a reasonable price.”

Bottom Line

For users of any level of experience, the Body Rider Fan Bike will provide a good workout that not only works the legs and cardio system, it works abs and arms as well. It won't cost you a lot of money, and is easy to house even in smaller homes.

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