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imageHaving workout equipment at home greatly increases the likelihood that you'll get the exercise you need to stay fit and healthy. With a Gazelle Freestyle elliptical trainer you don't have to worry about the weather, dangerous road traffic, the time of day or if the local health club is open or nearby.

The best thing about elliptical trainers is the natural range of motion as opposed to step climbers, treadmills or even walking and jogging on the road or track. Elliptical trainers take the strain off joints by creating the natural walking motion patterns without the rise and fall of your feet so there is no jolt on ankle, knee or hip joints. It is also easier on the back. Elliptical trainers also allow you to work your upper body more strenuously than normal walking or treadmill activities.

Easy Storage

Of course, one drawback to big equipment in your home is that they take up a lot of space, and can be hard to store. The Gazelle Freestyle folds up and stores against a wall. It isn't quite light enough to move about the house, or into tight storage easily if you want to keep it available, but you can get it out of the way which is a big benefit if you live in a smaller home or apartment.

Workouts are More Fun at Home

At a gym, you may have piped in music, or you can wear an MP3 player, but all of the surrounding noise can still make it hard to “escape” into the music to make the exercises go faster. Some clubs have televisions tuned in for your pleasure, but the channel selection may not be up to you. When you workout at home on the Gazelle Freestyle, you can watch your own TV on any channel you like, listen to music in peace, or better yet, slip one of the DVD workouts that are available for the Gazelle or the personal trainer video that comes with the machine and get a top-notch workout.

Benefits of the Gazelle Freestyle

When you order a Gazelle Freestyle elliptical machine you get:

  • Multifunctional control center that records your workout speed, time and distance and heart rate.
  • Non-skid footpads for better performance and safety.
  • Personal trainer video by Tony Little.

Heart Rate Trainingimage

The Gazelle Freestyle glider has a pulse monitor that uses a thumb pulse to get an accurate reading of your heart rate at all times. The thumb monitor is much more efficient than grip pulse monitors on some other machines, because it is constant and not reliant on your holding the grips, or having the proper position on the handles. Heart rate training is a very effective method of aerobic training. You can follow one of several pre-programmed training schematics, or develop your own interval training, speeding up and resting according to your heart rate for maximum performance.

Changing Motion

You set the speed physically on the Gazelle Freestyle, rather than having the machine set it for you. That allows you to make more fluid transitions with no stopping, or jerking to keep your body moving through the changes. The Gazelle is capable of speeds from slow walking to full running. The on-board computer tracks your speed so you can judge the usefulness of the workout, and keeps track of time and the amount of calories burned during the workout for excellent weight loss support.

Extra-wide foot pads make it perfect for any size rider, and the non-skid rubberized platform keeps your feet stable during the workout.

Full Body Workout

Unlike a treadmill, using a glider lets you enjoy a full body workout while you walk or jog. Rotating the hips during the motion of your feet and arms puts your abs into gear and tightens and firms that tough spot. There are many position varieties that will engage other muscles such as biceps and triceps. For anyone just starting out with elliptical type machines, it is a good idea to get the accompanying training videos to get the most out of the product.

Don't Get Discouraged

Even experienced joggers will feel a little off-balance at first. If you are just starting out with an exercise program, or have never used an elliptical machine you may feel very uncomfortable for the first few tries. Once you get the hang of the motion it will begin to feel natural and you will be able to jump right on every time for a good heart-pumping workout.

imageDisadvantages of the Gazelle Freestyle

The Gazelle Freestyle is overall, a very sturdy machine, capable of holding up to 300 pounds (manufacturer suggestion, although some heavier users report very effective use up to 350 pounds). The weight limit makes it hard for those who need serious weight loss to begin a program with the Gazelle until they have lost some weight first. The footpads also can feel rough and make your feet sore if you do not wear shoes when you workout. The joints can squeak, but it is easily solved with a little WD40.

Consumer Reviews

Consumer feedback on the Gazelle Freestyle is overall very positive. The only negatives come from those who feel there should be more to the machine than there is. For the money, you won't find a more effective, long-lived machine on the market. A sampling of common reviews are:

“The machine was a little noisy, but I sprayed it down with oil and it was quiet as could be. The workout is fantastic, especially with the videos.”

“I have joint and back problems, and the Gazelle gave me a great workout while being easy on my body.”

“Very solid, and stores nicely under my bed, or against a wall.”

“The hardest part about working out, for me, was going to the gym. The Gazelle Freestyle solved that problem. Now I workout every day.”

“Put some foam on the pedals to relieve the pressure, and it is a great workout machine.”

Simple Efficiency

The aluminum framework of the Gazelle Freestyle is sturdy, and durable. The machine is a basic, “no frills” type of exercise equipment, but it is more than effective for its purpose.   At Amazon, the Gazelle Freestyle ships for FREE with Super Saver Shipping.


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