Type 2 Diabetes link with Tuberculosis 3

Patients with type 2 diabetes may be at an increased risk of contracting tuberculosis..

.. according to a study published by the University of Texas School of Public Health Brownsville Regional Campus.

The theory was previously reported, and has now been verified in Asian studies.  The UT School of Public Health researchers have revealed:

  • Type 2 diabetics, especially those with chronic blood sugar elevation, often have an altered immune response to Tuberculosis (TB).
  • Diabetics who contract TB take longer to respond to treatment of TB.
  • Diabetics with active TB and Type 2 diabetes are more likely to have multi-drug resistant TB.


Source: News Release

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3 thoughts on “Type 2 Diabetes link with Tuberculosis

  • vidya lama

    Hi ! there,
    Iam writing from India, Bangalore, my father (58) is a diabetic type 2 on insulin and pulmonary tuberculosis patient, since one year my father is on regular treatment for both dieases but nothing seems to work out. His left lung is semi-whitish and his right lung is in good shape. His health is getting worst day by day. Please help and suggest what can be done.

    Thank you.

  • p.nmistry

    I am patient of diabetic 2 suffering with tb and taking medicine of tb for last five months but when doctor shaw result of SGPT i.e 820 then advised to stop medicine for 5days and get done LFT its result SGOT 160, SGPT 445,GGTP 117
    and sent me to chest spl. He told me 75%cured started AKRUT 3, 5tablet at a timeBBF with LIVERIL fort 1-0-1 and to get it done after 5 days. AT i am taking
    HEMINISULIN30/70 , 1-0-1 (35-0-35ul) with Glimulin 1 ,1-1-0 tab. B.S-F..8o&PP
    176.My quiry is how to cop up with tb curing without effecting liver,liver is effected
    by Tb medicine. treating Dr. is Md(medicine)of MGM Vashi ,Navi Mumbai.
    Whether Drs treatment is going in right direction or should I consult another spl pl suggest.I am 63 yrs old.

  • hazel

    my father diagnose 2 days ago with tubercolosis and he also have a diabetis.what are the chances to cure the tb?

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