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When you mention diabetes to someone, they nearly always think of insulin automatically.  The truth is, there are various forms of diabetes, and some may require insulin in the form of injection or insulin pump, while others can be treated with lifestyle changes.

Type 2 diabetes is a chronic and progressive from of the disease that often develops in adults, which is why it is sometimes called “adult-onset diabetes”.  Effective treatment can delay or even avoid the more serious consequences altogether.

The cause of type 2 diabetes is either:

  • Insulin resistance has built up, meaning your body cannot react to the insulin levels in your blood stream.
  • You body is simply not creating enough insulin to lower blood sugar levels.

Initially, type 2 diabetes is treated with changes in lifestyle, including a healthy diet, and an exercise program.  Losing weight, especially in obese patients is a primary goal, and can often see a reduction in the insulin resistance.  Careful diet can control the glycemic levels.

Anti-diabetic drugs are available for type 2 diabetics, though these same drugs could be dangerous for type 1 diabetics.  These drugs can work in a variety of ways, including an increase in the uptake of glucose, and/or a reduction in the release of glucose from liver and muscles.  Other newer drugs may increase insulin sensitivity.

If diet, exercise and ultimately oral drugs fail, insulin may be required (in addition to oral medication).

Doctors have a range of synthetic insulins that they may consider for your treatment, including the fast acting Humalog.

DISCLAIMER: You should consult your doctor for advice on what you personally need for your diabetes.  This article is NOT medical advice and is purely for informational purposes.

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