Walking can help cut chance of developing diabetes by half

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In tests carried out on high risk of diabetes volunteers, those who walked for just half an hour a day for a year, dramatically reduced their risk of developing diabetes.

The test subjects were split into three groups:

  1. Control group given a short information leaflet.
  2. Group given a three hour lecture on the disease.
  3. A Group given the three hour lecture PLUS were given a pedometer and helped to set targets.

After one year, those in group three saw their blood sugar levels fall by 15%, whereas neither of the other two groups saw any significant falls.

The use of a pedometer in this test is significant, because this type of simple tool can help with motivation and allows subjects to monitor their own progress in a measured way.

Source: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/journalists/kate-devlin/6918062/Using-a-pedometer-can-cut-chance-of-developing-diabetes-by-half.html

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