Glucose testing for gestational diabetes in pregnancy

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Pregnant women are at increased risks of “gestational diabetes”.  Around week 24 – 28, you should have a glucose test.  This can be a one hour test, or a longer 3 hour test.  If your doctor recommends a one hour test and your glucose levels are borderline, they might recommend the three hour test.

Both tests follow an 8 hour fast (usually this can be done first thing in the morning before breakfast).  You will have an initial blood test to determine sugar levels, and then you will have to drink a glucose drink.

After an hour, another blood test determines your blood glucose levels.  If you are taking the 3 hour test, two more blood tests will be taken after each of hour.

Doctors will look at your blood sugar levels before and after drinking the sugary drink.  If your fasting levels are too high, or your levels after each hour don’t fall below a certain level, you will need to talk with your doctor about a treatment.

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