Cat reverses diabetes

I read an interesting story online the other day.  The lady telling the story said that a friend of hers had a diabetic cat that was costing quite a bit in medical expenses ($75 to have blood sugar levels tested – WOW!) plus specialist low carbohydrate foods, but nothing was too good for her cat.

The cat was left at the Vets while the owner went on holiday.  When the owner returned, the vet informed her that the cat no longer had diabetes.

Source: The Diabetes Blog

It turns out that some diabetic cats can actually reverse the need for insulin, especially if the cat is obese (as so many pampered felines are these days).

I'm not sure whether this would indicate a form of pre-diabetes as seen in humans which can usually be reversed with a nutritional and exercise program or whether this is something else, but it does give some cat owners hope.

If you have a cat with diabetes, Cornell University offer some help and advice on how to care for your cat, plus vital information on spotting the signs of hypoglycemia and treating your cat.

There are some excellent pet glucose meters available so you can monitor glucose levels in your own pet.  Read more about the i-Pet Glucose meter.

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