Diabetic Pets

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Pets have the same internal organs as we do, and regulate their sugar in pretty much the same way as we do.  It is therefore no surprise that pets can suffer from diabetes.

If your pet has just been diagnosed with diabetes, it can be a stressful and worrying time for you.  However, rest assured that treatments are available.  Also be aware that an increasing number of cats and dogs suffer from diabetes (1 in 400 cats and dogs according to one source, but up to 1 in 50 cats in another study).

Research at Edinburgh University looked at over 14,000 cats showing that an unhealthy lifestyle increases the risks.

The symptoms of diabetes in your pets is similar to those symptoms in humans.  You might notice weight loss (or weight gain), excessive urination and a very thirsty pet.  Whether your pet has type 1 (most dogs suffer type 1 diabetes) or type 2 diabetes (most cats suffer type 2 diabetes), they will require insulin and diet changes to help combat the problem.  With proper care and attention, your pet can live a full and healthy life.

Without treatment, diabetes can lead to blindness, malnutrition, dehydration and possibly death.  You therefore need to treat your pet and take control of their health.

If caught early in cats, treatment can lead to remission in which the cat fully recovers from the disease.

Diet is extremely important in treatment of pet diabetes  If you suspect your pet has diabetes, please take them to your vet, and get them checked.

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