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Medical science sees diabetes as incurable.  It is with great interest therefore that I have read more and more stuff on the internet saying the complete opposite and that diabetes is in fact curable.

Is there a natural cure for diabetes?  Maybe.

There are a number of health experts around the world that are teaching methods to do just that – cure or reverse diabetes.  The fact that the methods they teach are natural cures for diabetes is interesting, since in many cases, it is the “un-natural” in our lives that they credit to giving us the disease (and many others), in the first place.  The increasing levels of toxins in our bodies is going to have a detrimental effect on our bodies, isn’t it?  That is just plain common sense. 

Our body is made up of cells, each with their own requirements, yet all working together to maintain good health.  It is therefore probably not a surprise that a holistic approach to good health has been used to cure many illnesses over the years, and is growing in popularity, so why not a natural holistic cure to reverse diabetes?

Now, many of you may be wondering why doctors don’t cure diabetes with these methods if in fact it is curable.  It’s either curable or it isn’t and surely if it was, it would be?  No? 

Well, things are rarely that straight forward.  I think you should read my review of “How to Reverse Diabetes Now” by Matt Traverso, who has his own theories as to why diabetes is near epidemic proportions, even though he believes diabetes is curable, and in fact has spent the last few years of his life teaching doctors, health practitioners & diabetics to reverse the condition. 

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One thought on “Is there a cure for diabetes?

  • Shirley-Anne Parsons

    Re: Matt Traverso’s book “How to Reverse Diabetes Now”. I just can’t buy into his ‘theory’ that a Ph controlled raw food diet is what cures diabetes. Yes, I can see that Type 2 diabetics can be helped with weight loss and the subsequent reduction in insulin/pills but Type 1’s??? I emailed Matt with this question and he responded that Type 1 diabetes is 100% reversable. This, to me, seems like taking advantage of people who are already struggling with a life-long condition and financially gaining from their misery. If the ‘cure’ is natural, why does he need to make money off of revealing it? He could be a hero and go down in history as the man who discovered the cure for diabetes, instead he’s rather sell it.

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