Diabetes Treatment

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Diabetes Treatment may involve injections, tablets or diet and exercise programs.  It all depends on the type of diabetes you suffer from

The diabetes treatment will depend on what type of diabetes the patient suffers from.  The treatment will always be to treat the cause of the disease, and since different types of diabetes have different causes, you will need to look at the individual sections on this site, to see what treatments are relevant to the types of the disease.

For some forms of diabetes, treatment may involve insulin injections, insulin pumps or oral tablet, and for other forms, diet and exercise may be enough to stave off the problem.

There is also a condition called prediabetes, which often develops into type 2 diabetes.  However, if you are diagnosed with prediabetes, it is not written that you will develop type 2 diabetes.  If caught early, this condition can be reversed.

Diabetes Treatment – Is Diabetes Curable?

Are doctors telling diabetics the whole truth? Is diabetes really incurable as we are being told? A growing number of health experts are coming to the conclusion that many cases of diabetes may be curable. This isn't some wonder drug or herbal potion to cure or reverse diabetes, but a more natural cure related to the diet and lifestyle we live. For full details, please read our section on natural cures for diabetes.

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